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Operate on Donald Trump with Surgeon Simulator

In this new redesign pack for the Surgeon Simulator amusement, you assume the part of a temperamental gave specialist who must perform heart surgery on Donald Trump. The engineer has included a semi political component by permitting you, the player, to cast votes: Should Trump’s heart be supplanted with a kind nature or an unfeeling […]

If Apps were Anime Characters

Imagine if your favorite apps and softwares were look like anime  characters. Firefox Anime   Photoshop Anime   Skype Anime   Notepad Anime   Microsoft Excel Anime   Microsoft Word Anime   Microsoft PowerPoint Anime   Outlook and Windows Live Messenger Anime   Google Chrome Anime   Safari Browser Anime   Java Anime   Adobe […]

This phone case lets an iPhone run Android

Nick Lee, a developer famous under his name for putting weird and wacky operating systems on Apple gadgets has after including Windows 95 on an iPhone, worked his way into bringing a full fledged version of Android to an iPhone, a very long shot though! However this high tech advancement comes with a slight catch. […]

Facebook Chatbot That Actually Works

Facebook has recently introduced chatbot feature in its messenger. Due to its new embedded artificial intelligence feature, it was expected as the next generation of traditional messenger. But it does not come up to the expectation of most of the users as it lacks information of the nitty gritty of various operations. User reviews show […]

The FBI is working on a tattoo tracking system that has privacy groups up in arms

As per examination uncovered by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the FBI has cooperated with government researchers to take a shot at an innovation framework intended to track tattoos. In 2014, the Imaging wing of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) made the Tattoo Recognition Technology with assistance from the FBI. Among the gathering’s […]