Curated List of All Legit Websites to Make Money Online in 2020

I would like to help you get paid during this tough time of Covid19. There are a multitude of legitimate ways to make money on or through the internet (whether you have specific skills or not), but it’s hard to figure out where to start. That’s why I curated a list of all legit websites to Make Money Online in 2020

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Why ThemeForest isn’t as great as it looks?

Why ThemeForest isn’t As Great As It Looks

Are you thinking of earning more bucks by selling your WordPress theme on ThemeForest? Well, it’s true that several people have done so and they are making a great deal out of it, but there are a few things you need to know. The owner of the template marketplace, Envato is the founder of ThemeForest. If you look at the statistical figures of ThemeForest’s selling category, you will find WordPress on top of that. It shows it has been successful so far, but now, people have discovered a few issues that have damaged Envato’s reputation in the marketplace.

What is ThemeForest?

Some of you might be unaware of ThemeForest. It is a huge market for website designing. Either it’s the off-page SEO or on-page management systems, ThemeForest provides services for both. To the all WordPress users, it offers a wide range of themes starting from general to niche.

What are the Issues with ThemeForest?

What’s the issue if it’s so great you must think? Well, it isn’t as cool as it sounds. Here are a few disadvantages of selling your Word press theme on ThemeForest.

1) Theme-Lock

The major problem that ceased most of the authors from choosing ThemeForest is Theme Lock. Basically, the more features a website holds, the more it earns and gets marketed the most. The authors compete on the basis of number of themes their website have. However, when you built more and more features to your website, ThemeLock start happening. Now, here comes a question that what is ThemeLock? It’s like hanging a mobile phone. Well, not exactly hanging but somewhat like that. When a WordPress author adds features to his or her website incessantly, there comes a point when he or she gets unable to change the theme unless he or she gets back to the previous theme codes. This is known as Theme Lock.

2) Low-Quality Theme Codes

Coding is everything when you are working on WordPress, and unfortunately, ThemeForest doesn’t provide high-quality market themes that could cope with the latest practices.

One of the common market practices is to separate plugins and theme. Now, the problem with ThemeForest is that it is packed together with several themes or the plugins are included in the themes itself.

The second one is the security issue. There is a caution for you to avoid getting attracted to cheap offers displayed on ThemeForest. According to the report of WP Tavern, the Slider Revolution security problem has affected several sellers on ThemeForest.

Long Term Effects

The aforementioned problems might seem normal technical errors while working on a website. However, when these issues grow, things get out of your hand. Can you imagine working on a ThemeForest theme and after a month or two, you either face security issues or run into troubles while switching your site to another theme? Well, how come these issues get ignored so easily? It’s because consumers treat everything from software to themes and plugins as WordPress. So, anything that goes wrong, it’s a WordPress problem for them.

What are the ThemeForest Alternatives?

After reading what I just wrote, you must be thinking about some alternatives. Well, it’s obvious. Have a look at three recommended alternatives.

Genesis Framework, as the name indicates, is built on child themes. Even though it is easy to work with, you need to learn some codes, especially for filters and actions.

If you want to get rid of coding and just enjoy working, go for Headway. It is an awesome option for beginners.

Elegant Themes is the best option for those who want simple yet graceful themes. It is also a good option for beginners, and Divi is its most popular and easiest theme among all.

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How to make huge money using Amazon and drop shipping

How can you make huge money monthly selling on Amazon and drop shipping

Everyone dreams of becoming rich, but only a few succeed. Have you ever thought about drop shipping via Amazon, but the secrets to getting there are vague? In this article, we will tell you how to earn a big chunk of money by using Amazon drop shipping and leverage its power. Believe it or not, you can earn up to $15,000 in six to twelve months. We have prepared for you a simple four-step guide, but it needs patience and work. Remember, you can’t be a millionaire overnight and only practice makes a man perfect. It may seem a tedious process, but month after month, you will be leveraged.

Create Your Account

The first step is to make an account on Amazon. Since you are here to sell, make a seller account which is further divided into the individual and professional account types. For the new sellers, things get twice easier with an individual account. First, because it’s free, and second, it only asks to pay for the items you will sell. So, what’s the difference between the two? Well, the professional account is like a premium account for which you have to pay $40/month to enjoy the additional features. However, a common aspect is that a list of unlimited products can be posted through both the accounts.

Search for Low-Cost Drop shippers

Now, here comes the secret we were talking about. The successful Amazon sellers look for cheap drop shipping suppliers to reduce their delivery cost. There are multiple suppliers available, but the best ones are hard to find. Have a look at the possible options.


All of these are cheap sources, but we suggest you go for Salehoo. It is the most reliable and trusted source, and the most successful sellers on Amazon use it. The reviews of existing sellers enhance one’s trust in their service. Unlike Salehoo, most of the cheap suppliers have limited marketing budgets, so they reduce the cost of their items to balance their sales. So, subscribe to Salehoo today and boost your business.

Research Supplier Catalog

Once you have found a cheap supplier, you have got to look into the supplier catalog for low-cost and high-selling items that can be shipped. What earns you a handsome amount of profit is the difference between the supplier and Amazon cost. Look into the prices of the items the Salehoo suppliers are offering and the cost of the same product on Amazon. You will find a huge difference. The Amazon price is usually twice that of Salehoo. This is how Amazon drop shipping increases your bank balance.

Prepare the In-Dept Description for Amazon Posting

The last step tests your marketing skills. After finding the product to drop ship, you have to write an SEO-optimized title and in-depth description that could rank high on Amazon posting. Keep in mind that you clearly describe your policies and details of the products. As a beginner, asking your friends and acquaintances to buy from you and review lately, can serve as an icing on the cake.

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Enjoy Steam Autumn Sale For Awesome Deals on Games

If you are into latest gaming platforms and specifically PC gaming then I hope you are aware of Steam and what it offers. Well, if you haven’t heard about Steam yet, then you’re in for a bigger treat. Steam is a PC game store like that retail game store in a market near you. But Steam is actually online and comes with a lot of benefits that includes a market place not just for games but also game items, ability to keep a backup of your purchased games, record screenshots, add friends and enjoy great sale on games. Go checkout

Our good buddy Steam comes with great sales every now & then. Be it weekends or seasonal festivals, Steam is ready to throw in treats while collaborating with game publishers. We all wait for these days when we can buy our favourite games in low prices.


Steam’s Autumn Sale has begun on 23rd November and will end on 29th November. But if you are more skeptical buyer and want to get more bang from your buck then wait for a month. Steam Winter Sale is expected to start from 22nd December 2016 and the awesome-game-buying-madness will go on till 2nd January 2017. By the way, this time, Steam is also introducing Steam Awards; our very own game Oscars, yeah?

After all this, we are sure that you will be staying inside, warm & cosy, enjoying kick ass gaming during the vacations & beyond. Have fun & avoid looking at your weeping wallet. 😀

BONUS: Steam Sales Countdown Timer

Yes there’s this sweet little website which lets you know when the next Steam sale is about to hit shelves. God help the fans who made this pretty little counter for all of us. I have bookmarked this link as I am always concerned about my wallet’s health during Steam sales. But I also don’t want to miss a good deal, HALP! Check this out: whenisthenextsteamsale

ONE MORE BONUS: Steam Database

Want to get some more in-depth look at Steam’s products, sales and much more. You can head over to this Steamdb and be dazzled.

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10 Things You Should Look For When Purchasing a Smartphone

In this era in which smartphones are flooding the market each month and announcements like “the next big thing”, seems to be coming every day. Attracted by remarkable features, innovative designs and so many specifications, consumers have a lot to choose from, too much to choose from, in fact.


Buying a new smartphone is a big purchase decision. Your smartphone is your constant companion and your instant connection to the world. No matter what kind of a user you are, having web browser, instant messaging and dozens of applications at your fingertips is a must in the modern day life. Because your smartphone plays an important role in your everyday routine, choosing a new device isn’t a decision you should take lightly.

1. Choose an operating system

For most people, the deciding factor will be personal preference. Those looking for a simple interface and a security system will most likely go towards iOS phones, while those looking for more custom options and a lower cost prefer Android or Windows phones.

2. Determine your price range

The second though most important step is to determine your price range. iOS phones are typically more expensive than Android smartphones. Among the smartphone manufacturer companies, Apple and Samsung are typically among the most expensive, while HTC, LG and Motorola tend to produce cheaper smartphones.

3. Pick a screen size

What should be the right size? The ideal screen size ranges from 4.0 to 5.0 inches, because handsets in this range are easy to hold and maximizes functionality. One more reason of this range being ideal is because in this range handsets are neither too big nor too small.

Users who are mostly reading e-books, surfing on internet and watching movies are likely to prefer bigger screen sizes.

4. Pick a screen resolution and quality

The display is the first thing you see when you turn on the screen. As a result, manufacturers are not only concerned with the size of the screen, but with the quality of it as well.

Apart from considering the screen size, pay close attention to a smartphone’s resolution, brightness and viewing angles. Make sure that the smartphone you are purchasing has a panel that is bright enough for you to be able to read it outdoors in direct sunlight.

Having wide viewing angles are important too, because you will want to be able to share your screen with others and play games on it.

5. Choose between virtual or physical keyboard

It is important that you determine what kind of usage you will be doing on your smartphone. If you are a user that has to write intense emails and quick messages, then you should likely go towards a physical keyboard. If not, choose a virtual keyboard.

6. Consider Phone’s Battery life

You can have the fastest automobile in this world, but if it is out of gas, it’s not going anywhere. Likewise, poor battery entirely destroys the purpose of having a smartphone.

When buying a smartphone, make sure it has at least 3000 mAh battery and 15-18 hours of talk time. Smartphones with such specifications should last for a full day of use or close to it.

7. Consider the Camera Quality

Nowadays people are choosing smart phone cameras over digital cameras, and that is the reason why manufacturers are working so much on the camera.

You cannot determine the quality of a smartphone’s camera by just looking at its specifications. An effective way to find out the quality of a phone’s camera is by looking at test photos and videos.

8. Choose RAM and processing power

Each year, manufacturers add more and more processing cores into their phones. The more the processing power of a smartphone, the faster it will be. When purchasing a smartphone, try to go for the one having at least 2GB RAM and a high processing power.

9. Check the storage space

Pricing changes significantly between storage variants of some phones. However, this usually occurs with the devices that do not support external storage. Therefore, buying a phone with expandable storage is the best choice. Buying additional storage is relatively cheap.

Many phones offer 32 GB or more expandable storage.

10. Pick a carrier

Considering the right carrier is always very important. One preferred way to check which carrier is best in your area is by reading reviews of people or asking them personally.

Different carriers offer different payment plans and contract combinations to reduce the up-front cost of smartphones, go for the one you think will work best for you.


With so many features to look for, almost any phone out there will fall short in at least one of them. The key is to choose a phone that has most features that you are interested in.


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How to Start Programming iOS Applications from Scratch

“Will I be able to become a programmer?”

“How can I build an application?”

“Can I start without having any experience?

These are some very common questions asked by beginners who want to learn how to code. Programming can be self-taught and no matter how inexperienced you are, you can still learn how to do it.

Programming isn’t that difficult as long as you have the desire to learn and have a consistent behavior.

My approach will be to slowly introduce you to the concepts as you need them, rather than to give you everything at once.


Today each iOS application has so much significance in individual life that users get used to them so easily and can never get out of it. But gone are the days when people were to make iOS applications in dark and dry environment. Today, anybody who considers himself “a man with ideas” with limited technical resources and abilities can build an application of his own. But HOW? This guide will take you through the entire process.


Firstly, you should have a sketch. For instance, ask yourself some basic questions, such as these:

  • What will be the application about?
  • What information will each screen have?
  • What should be the size of objects on the screen?
  • What will be the primary action in the application?

Making an outline is a very effective way to add numerous creative and new ideas to your application as you go along.


Apple provides a number of tools which makes it easy for the developers to build iOS application with no difficulty. Downloading the Software Development Kit or SDK from the app store gives you access to the main tools for developing your application. The download which only costs you a few dollars will give you access to Xcode, Interface Builder, Frameworks and tools for testing your application.



Xcode is a software package, a set of interrelated programs that work together, used by developers to build iOS applications.

The best thing about Xcode is that it is not just a code editor but it has a lot more in it. It helps you to write a program, compile it, load it onto a device, sniffs out bugs from your code and ultimately submits it to the app store. When you will open Xcode, you will see a button at the center of the screen which says “Create a new Xcode project”. Click on that button.

In the column on the left hand side, you will see the OS X section, click on Application and select Command Line Tool.

Click “Next” on the following screen and fill in the fields Product name, organization name, company identifier, type, and tick mark the “Automatic Reference Counting” dialog box. And begin designing your app

Interface Builder


A good user interface can be the difference between a highly successful application and its failure. There must be a perfect balance of amazing looks and simple navigation in your user interface.

Interface Builder is an application which enables you to build an effective and balanced user interface visually. You can do that by simply dragging the built-in tab bars, buttons, labels and sliders onto the application’s interface.

If you are a new iOS developer, using Interface builder is highly recommended because it allows you to work on custom interface.



Framework is one of the most important piece of the puzzle. With a Framework you can easily create an application that will run on Mac iOS and OS X.

Apple provides numerous frameworks which allow new app developers to add and draw graphics on the screen, play audio and video, create user interfaces, take pictures, write networking code and display web pages and so on.

When you are done with the making of your application, it’s time for it to be tested.

  • Click “Simulator” and then “Debug” from the drop down list. Then press “Build and Run” to start the test.
  • Make sure your iPhone, iPad or iPod is plugged into a USB port while testing the application.
  • If your application crashes, first you need to Google the error message and check what it means and you have to check the memory usage at the same time. Debugging can get a bit frustrating, but don’t give and remember, the more applications you build, the better you get at it.

The iOS Developer Account


You will need an Apple Developer license to test your application on an iPhone, iPad or iPod. So, you need to sign up for a developer account, and once you are done, you can start distributing it to the app store.

Again, remember you are a beginner, so a lot of things are going to be very difficult at first. You just have to keep trying and not to lose hope and as you will gain more experience, things will get easier.


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High School Picture of Today’s Tech Geniuses

Bill Gates – Co-founder Microsoft


David Filo – Co-founder and Chief Yahoo, Yahoo! Inc.


Elon Musk – CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, Chairman of SolarCity


Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc.


Jack Dorsey – CEO of Square, Inc, Twitter


Jeff Bezos – Founder, Chairman & CEO of


Jerry Yang – Co-founding Yahoo! and Founding Partner, AME Cloud Ventures


Jonathan Ive – Design, Works at Apple


Larry Page – Co-founder of Google Inc., CEO of Alphabet Inc, PageRank


Marissa Mayer – President & CEO, Yahoo!


Mark Zuckerberg – Chairman and CEO of Facebook


Michael Dell – Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies


Richard Branson –  Founder of Virgin Group


Sergey Brin – Co-founder of Google, Directing of Google X


Steve Ballmer – Early Employee and Ex CEO of Microsoft


Steve Jobs – Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc and CEO of Pixar


Steve Wozniak – Co-Founder of Apple Inc.


Tim Cook – CEO of Apple Inc


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Amazon Echo – The latest revolution in gadgetry


Amazon Echo has come across as the new revolution in the realm of gadgetry and tech world. Now available in both UK and US, this amazing gadget can be obtained in several different forms depending on your budget and needs. The best way to understand Echo’s functions is to see what deeds it can actually perform. In order to fully utilize its capacities, there are certain commands aka ‘skills’ that you need to install on the Echo. After this, there are a number of activities that you can enjoy with your Amazon Echo.

1) What day is it?

Many a times there are several popular dates that are important with regard to some national celebration or event but we are unaware of it. Amazon Echo’s Alexa allows you to track what day is it and celebrate it.

2) Spelling check

The command ‘Alexa, launch Spelling Bee’ brings up the app which tests your spelling knowledge by giving you a few choices and letting you guess the right one. If you wish to save time, simply tell Alexa to spell the word out for you.

3) Order your favorite pizza

In my opinion, this is by far the best skill that Amazon Echo has to offer. Only available in the US for now, you can call up Domino’s and order the type of pizza that you ordered last time from this food chain.

4) Call an Uber

If Uber is available at your location, you can use Alexa-powered Echo to order an uber cab. It also allows you to choose and change your pick up location as well as find out where your taxi is at the moment.

5) Search about your traveling budget

If you are a travel enthusiast with an Amazon Echo in possession, there is a lot that you can do with it. By installing the Kayak skill on the gadget, you can ask Alexa about some location that you can visit in a specific amount of money. For instance, if you wish to see where you can go in 500 pounds, all you need to do is ask Alexa to inquire Kayak about where exactly can you visit in this amount.

6) Shopping from Amazon

This is again one of my most favorite skills that are available through Amazon Echo. It is capable of doing your shopping for you when you want it to. The only prerequisite for this to happen is for you to be an Amazon Prime member and that the item that you need to order should have been ordered by you at least once before.


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Toyota Introduce Mini Robot for Lonely People

Japanese carmaker company Toyota has once again outdone itself by catering for the emotional needs of the general public. It has recently unveiled a mini robot whose purpose is to provide lonely people with companionship. This mini robot can fit into your pocket and has the ability to talk back. Named as Kirobo Mini, this robot can even serve as a substitute for a baby for childless women in Japan.


Available in Japan 2017 at a price of $400, this mini robot with a high-pitched voice is merely four inches tall. General Manager of the project, Fuminori Kataoka claims that Kirobo is a great companion for your car or home. According to him, this time Toyota has aimed to build a product that has an emotional value.

The Kirobo Mini is not an ordinary robot, It has Bluetooth, microphone and also has a camera. It can also connect to a smartphone which can be installed through a specific software application. It is equipped with voice recognition which means that when spoken to, it will turn its head towards the voice.

Prior to a nationwide launch, this mini robot is all set to be released in Tokyo. Upon inquiry, it was revealed that currently there are no possibilities of selling this robot outside Japan.

For Japanese, this robot is great news because more and more people today, especially the young singles and elderly are living alone and are in a dire need for somebody or something that they can conveniently communicate with.

Companion robots are not a new concept in Japan. Last year, Softbank Corp, a famous Japanese technology company launched something similar. So far 10,000 of these robots have been sold in Japan.

Companion robots are not only popular in Japan, but also gradually becoming famous in the United States. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has launched its own swiveling lamp version of a robot recently.

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WhatsApp Shamelessly Copied Snapchat-Like Features

WhatsApp Introduces Snapchat Style Features
Our lives changed when WhatsApp came into our lives. Messaging and sharing photos and videos had never been easier than this. Excitement brewed throughout the tech world when WhatsApp and Facebook decided to join hands. More technology entered our lives when the snapshot was introduced.

Now it seems that WhatsApp is all set to take over what Snapchat users generally enjoy through this app. WhatsApp has recently added a new update which has adopted all interesting features from Snapchat. The new version of WhatsApp (which is available for download in the app store) includes all the drawing and editing tools which Snapchat has to offer. Different ways of taking pictures is also a new feature added in the app’s update.

The drawing tools added into WhatsApp’s new update has a remarkable similarity to those of Snapchat. Just like in Snapchat, these drawing tools are simply brought up while taking a picture. Once a picture is taken, small icons will appear on the screen which can be used to write text or draw on the picture.

This is not all that the new update has to offer. In addition to this, pictures can also be decorated with different emojis which is done by clicking a little face.

The extent to which Facebook has copied Snapchat this time is actually quite interesting. The process of taking pictures in WhatsApp’s new update is also same as in Snapchat. In order to allow you to take better pictures of yourself in the dark, front flash is available which brightens up the screen. This provides the users with a better way of taking selfies.

Other changes in app’s camera update includes an ability to slide the screen up and down for zooming in and out and double tapping that switches the camera between the back and front.


WhatsApp is being repeatedly criticized for copying Snapchat’s features in the past. It also never fails to acknowledge openly that a particular feature introduced is in fact inspired by a feature already there in Snapchat – like the concept of stories that was introduced in Instagram. This popularity tactic allows Facebook to bring Snapchat features to the parts of the world where Snapchat has not yet launched itself.

For now, WhatsApp did not choose to acknowledge any inspiration for the updated camera features copied from Snapchat and through its blog has only expressed it as an effort of introducing new ways of sharing photos and videos with family members and friends.

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