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Go Be a Youtube Hero!

We always want that someone recognize our little random acts of heroism. Every day these acts of heroism go unnoticed like flagging an inappropriate video or reporting a cyberbully. It takes courage and hard work to be a hero, fight bad guys and report suspicious activity. Well! Now YouTube is recognizing the efforts of heroes […]

Amazing Facts About The Latest Games Platforms

Xbox One: Project Scorpio

Next Gen console impressed us in terms of framerates and graphics in their latest games but the next gen consoles are even better they comes with 4k gaming, powerful processors and brute GPU’s. Some people are worried about this new trend in gaming consoles, which is launching their upgraded models after few years, Xbox 360 […]

10 Most Popular YouTube Channels for Kids

There are a number of YouTube channels that focus on young children as their audience. While most of these channels have education as their prime focus, some of them also aim at entertaining children in a way that enhances their creativity. In this article we’ll be looking at the Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels […]

Future Technologies That Will Change the World

Technology helps us make our lives easier than those led by generations before us as our current generation enjoys advancements in technology that previous generations could have hardly imagined. Scientists are on an on-going strife to improve upon the current technology and facilitate our lives with more new inventions. The following are Top Future Technologies […]