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Easiest Way To Upload Videos Across Multiple Platforms

In today’s day and age, Social Media happens to be a very significant part of our daily life and we spent countless hours of our day consuming visual content; at times without even noticing it. If used wisely, Social Media also proves to be a brilliant means of advertising and directing traffic towards your website or business. How many times has it been that you found yourself watching a series of bite sized Buzzfeed videos on facebook, only to end up on Buzzfeed’s Youtube channel or the Buzzfeed website to watch their featured content? Like most businesses, Buzzfeed understands the power and vigor of Social Media and hence most of the visual content on their Social Medias is especially designed to pique the viewer’s interest and almost subtly but effectively direct them towards their featured content/websites. This results in higher traffic and thereby greater ad revenues.

Easiest Way To Upload Videos Across Multiple Platforms

The Magic Of Visual Content

Visual content is what takes the cake on Social Media when it comes to grabbing attention and generating a response. This is because, unlike wordy content, visual content is quick and easy to consume, is more entertaining and has the highest reach. I mean, think for yourself, would you prefer reading an article or watching a video conveying just the same within a 5 minute time code?

Videos get billions of views every day; 75% of the people on the internet spend their online hours watching videos. Videos are the fastest way to generate free traffic and get multiple page one rankings on google. This means that your business has higher visibility and will be amongst the first pages to show up on a relevant google search!
Creating Videos is as easy as ABC!

Gone are the days when creating videos required any sort of professional assistance and today, with a world of nifty free applications available, creating an engaging video is child’s play and can be done in a matter of minutes. All you need is a smart phone and your creativity and you are good to!

To help you out, here are our picks for the niftiest video making apps for Android and IOS:

1- Videoleap (IOS)
2- Adobe Spark Video (IOS & Android)
3- Adobe Premiere Clip (IOS & Android)
4- FilmoraGo (IOS& Android)
5- Magisto (Android & IOS)

The Next Step

Now that you have just the right video creation app and all the expertise to make an engaging video at your fingertips, the next step is assuring your video gets the best response. I mean, where almost anyone can make a cool video, the catch is reaching a bigger and broader audience and generating traffic and rankings from your videos without spending countless hours in the process of tailoring your videos and re-uploading them across multiple platforms.

Easiest Way To Upload Videos Across Multiple Platforms

But fret not, we’ve got you covered on that too! What you need is a smart video distribution software, which knows how to efficiently target your audience across all traffic heavy video sharing platforms in matter of clicks.

Here’s Exactly What You Need!

The secret of many businesses’ success is a really smart and fully automated video distribution software and you too can have a share in that success and here is exactly what you need!

Easiest Way To Upload Videos Across Multiple Platforms

Syvid is all in one, fully automated, video distribution software which makes sure that your video reaches the most number of viewers across all major video sharing platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Tumblr without the hassle of manually tailoring your videos to suit each platform’s rather specific requirements. All you have to do is make an engaging video and let this software handle the rest.

Get SyVid

This is the easiest way of securing multiple page one rankings on Google for your business and what’s the best part about this software is that it not just shares your videos but also makes sure that they are perfectly tailored to target audience and direct traffic to your website.

Let’s Get Down To The Process

Essentially, all that you have to do is follow the instructions and press a few buttons which almost anyone with fingers is capable of. But this is the process which happens under the hood to bring you fast, free and hyper targeted traffic in seconds:

1) First, your video is simultaneously uploaded to 8 major video sharing websites such as Tumblr, Vazaar, Vimeo, WordPress, Youtube, Dailymotion and etc. This generates instant traffic!

2) Second, your video is automatically shared across 14 Social Media websites which include:

Easiest Way To Upload Videos Across Multiple Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blogger. Instapaper and Linkedin amongst others.With that robust sharing, best believe your videos might even give video giants like Buzzfeed and massive youtubers a run for their money and lave them shaking. This software grabs you the best backlinks that boost your google rankings and all the more traffic back to your website right off your social media platforms.

Easiest Way To Upload Videos Across Multiple Platforms

This double punch combo of mass syncing and social media backlinking hyper boosts up your view count and the more views your video gets, the higher it appears video websites and Google search results. That’s the magic of it!

But What Makes This Particular Video Distribution Software Our Pick?

As far as software go, there might be more than a few but most of them just turn out to be gimmicks which really show no real results. But what makes this our favorite pick and an end to our search for the perfect bulk video sharing software is its ability to generate the quickest results. But here’s our list of other unique capabilities which make this software our favorite pick:

1) It’s super easy!
2) Offers one-click video syndication and social media sharing
3) Offers auto-scheduler
4) Offers SEO video ranking assistant
5) Automatically spin titles, description and tags to avoid duplicate/dupe content penalties
6- Quick as a whip! Upload, syndicate and share hundreds of videos in a day or even in an hour without missing a beat.
7) Cloud Based
8) 100% whitehat approved
9) Video based campaigns
10) One-click connect
11) Alternate of dead softwares like Traffic Geyser, Pixelpipe and TubeMogul


So now you have all the essentials you need to make your business a booming success. Let’s make a quick check-list:

1) Video creating apps? Check!
2) Video distribution software? Check!
3) Millions of views and multiple page one rankings? Check!

So why don’t you head over right now and make this check-list a reality for your businesses’ success!

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Make Your YouTube Videos Translatable into 102 Languages Without Hiring a Translator

Do you want your YouTube videos to have all the captions/subtitles?

Auto Translate and Emebed CaptionsSubtitles in 98 Languages YouTube videos

While it may sound unbelievable, but it is a fact that only 25% of searches made on the internet are in the English language. YouTube has 3 billion searches in a month, and 75% are not in English. So, if our videos are only available in the English language, then we are missing out 75% of the market. Sounds crazy right? But it is true. Have you ever thought what wonders our product will do if we access that untouched market? How awesome would it be if our videos start ranking in foreign languages in 2020? Obviously, it will result in more sales, hence, more success.

However, the real question is how do we do that? What measures should we take to enter that market?

The biggest barrier is, of course, language. If your video is in English, then a person who does not understand English will simply miss out your product. In this scenario, you need something, maybe software that translates your videos into the desired language at the user side without using any plugin or extension.

Demo Video

Lingo Blaster 2.0 offers to do this job for you as it efficiently translates your videos into any language of your choice without even hiring a translator or sourcing from the YouTube community. It helps you add all your desired languages while uploading and removing all the barriers and delivers your product to the hidden audience that you had never reached before.

Go to the Analytics section of your YouTube account. You will notice that a lot of traffic is from foreign keywords and foreign countries. You can get double, triple, or maybe ten times more traffic depending upon the product by targeting foreign keywords. All you need to do is to use Lingo Blaster 2.0 to work with your already uploaded videos and witness the magic.

Get LingoBlaster 2.0

How to work with Lingo Blaster 2.0

Working with this software is a child’s play. First open your software, and all you have to do is to select an account. If you are a new user then you will have to add a new YouTube account. Simply click on “Add YouTube account”. A pop up will appear where you can select your account. If you don’t see your account there, then enter the email and password of your YouTube account. After adding your account, click on “translate videos” tab on the left side.

Translate VIdeos

Then, select the video that you want to translate. If you have a lot of videos then you can search your desired video by typing the keyword in the “Filter search”. It will show you the videos that contain the keyword you entered. Moreover, it will also show if the video is already translated or not. After selecting the video, click on the next step button. By just doing this you are actually accessing more than 70% of the untouched market.

Now, you have to select the languages in which you want to rank and translate the video. It will show you the original language of the video as well. The best thing about this software is that you can select multiple languages in one go. Under the list of available languages, select the languages into which you want your video to be translated.

After selecting the languages click on the next step button.

Translate your YouTube videos into multiple languages

On this page, you can choose the words in your title, description, and caption you do not want to be translated. There are some words that should better be left off as they are. Since they might not make sense if they are translated. This is yet another unique feature of this software. Type the words that you don’t want to be translated in the “Exclude from translation” blank. All those words will be highlighted and they will remain there in the original language. Click on the next step button after that.

Make Your YouTube Videos Translatable into 102 Languages Without Hiring a Translator

Moving on towards the finishing part, you just have to wait for hardly twenty seconds. As soon as the translation finishes, you will be able to publish the translated videos on YouTube. You can click on each language tab to check the translations as well. Click on the publish button to start the magic.

Make Your YouTube Videos Translatable into 102 Languages Without Hiring a Translator

If you are curious about whether it really worked or not? You can always visit your video’s page that you have translated via this software. Change the language of your YouTube and refresh it. You will see that your title, description, and caption will be changed to that language if you had translated it earlier via Lingo Blaster 2.0. You can test it with all the languages that you entered while translating.

Not just that, you can search the translated keywords in another language on YouTube and your video will appear.

Make Your YouTube Videos Translatable into 102 Languages Without Hiring a Translator

Before Translation:

Make Your YouTube Videos Translatable into 102 Languages Without Hiring a Translator

After Translation:

Make Your YouTube Videos Translatable into 102 Languages Without Hiring a Translator

Supported Languages:

Spanish, Italian, German, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kyrgyz, Lao, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Norwegian (Bokmål), Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Romanian, Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Somali,


1) No need to Upload Multiple Videos
2) Without Paying Translators
3) Without Spending Any Money

To cut a long story short, this software allows you to translate any video that you have in your YouTube account into a different language. It might not sound that intriguing, but, it opens up the doors to a lot more traffic. You just need to make one video and then you can rank it in all of the different countries. Not only in your US YouTube account or your German YouTube account, but you can also rank it on YouTube Spanish, YouTube France, etc. If you have made a video for a certain offer that you are promoting, you can get a lot more traffic to that video and ultimately resulting in more sales.

Get LingoBlaster 2.0

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Curated List of All Legit Websites to Make Money Online in 2020

I would like to help you get paid during this tough time of Covid19. There are a multitude of legitimate ways to make money on or through the internet (whether you have specific skills or not), but it’s hard to figure out where to start. That’s why I curated a list of all legit websites to Make Money Online in 2020

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Simplest Way To Live stream Pre Recorded Videos on Facebook & YouTube

In this technological era, one of the supreme ways to grow and strengthen your brand online is Facebook Live. Recent stats show that there are over 2.38 Billion active users on Facebook so you cannot ignore it when it comes to marketing your product. Talking about the videos, Facebook has been favoring videos in the Newsfeed.

Do you know what is even more beneficial than that? The answer is live streaming. Facebook live videos are watched three times longer than normal videos and the best thing about it is that it is as easy as a pie. All you need is your phone and you can sit down and immediately be live with your content on Facebook. It is the best way to grow your brand and reach more people, your target audience and your ideal customers.

Which software to use for smoothly managing live streaming?

Livecaster jumps in to answer your question as it is a very accommodating software which does all your work automatically. All you need to do is click your mouse and leave the rest to it. It also happens to be the only approved live casting application by Facebook.

Get Livecaster
With this software, you can easily manage to upload your video(s) and stream them live. Not only that, you can also schedule your videos for streaming them automatically later on. You can add your multiple social media accounts in the “Social Accounts” section so that you can choose from which account you want to go live. You can add your Facebook profile account, YouTube account, Facebook Page(s) and also you can cast your videos to any live casting website using the RTMP option.

How does it work?

Working with Livecaster is pretty simple and basic. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to broadcast your videos live or schedule them for later use.

  • Go to the videos tab and click on add video, then select the video from your computer that you want to stream.

Simplest way to stream your videos on Social Media

  • Your video will automatically be converted and put inside the live caster where you can type the title of the video, write its description and manage the tags.
  • After that your video is added, go to the social accounts section and click on add to add your Facebook or YouTube account. After clicking add, your account will be authorized and after authorization, it will be added to the social accounts section.
  • Now that you have added the video and added your social media account(s), go to the video section again and on the desired video click on “GO LIVE”. It will ask you to select the social media account that you want to go live from. Select and then finally click on “GO LIVE”.
  • To check if your video is actually broadcasting live or not, go to the schedule section. If it says running there, then it means your video is broadcasting live. You can always crosscheck by actually opening up your Facebook or YouTube account.

How to schedule a video on Livecaster?

Like broadcasting a video live on this application, scheduling a video for broadcasting later is just as simple. This is actually a very unique feature since no other software offers such simple and direct controlling power. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the videos tab, and on your desired video instead of clicking on live now, click on schedule.

Simplest Way To Live stream Pre Recorded Videos on Facebook & YouTube

  • It will open a new window where you can select the date when you want your video to be streamed live. Also, select the time zone and the time when you want your streaming to start. Select the account type (Facebook profile, Facebook page or YouTube) and finally select which page or channel you want it to stream on.
  • After selecting all the necessary information, click on “schedule” on the bottom right corner. It will show you a prompt “video scheduled successfully”.
  • You can also schedule the same video multiple times if you are going for an ad campaign or for whatever other reason. They will all be broadcasted live at the scheduled time and will save you from a lot of struggle as you won’t have to worry about anything and let the application do its magic.
  • Inside the “Scheduled” section, you can see all the videos that you have scheduled. You can also delete them from there if you change your mind.

This glorious application software also gives you a log report of all the videos that you have streamed inside the “Log Report” section. In that section, you can also see if a certain video was successfully streamed or it did not because of some error. And, if it did not successfully stream because of an error it will also provide a reason for that error.

Simplest Way To Live stream Pre Recorded Videos on Facebook & YouTube

You can also go live on all major sites like Twitter, Periscore, Twitch, Smashcast, USTREAM, DaCast and More

Livestream Pre-Recorded Videos on Facbook & YouTube


Taking all things into consideration, it can be judged that Live strean remains the best software for streaming your videos live either on Facebook, YouTube or any other streaming service. Not only that, it gives you the ability to schedule your multiple videos and this is all happening in extremely simple and easy steps. It provides you instant video rendering function as well. All in all, it is the ultimate time saver and a lightening thunder to boost up your business.

Get the software now Livecaster and ascend your business in no time.

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Build a Highly Targeted Facebook Audience With This Automated Software

Over the past decade advertisement and marketing has abruptly inclined towards the online world. Millions of people around the globe have turned towards the internet for the pragmatic promotional gain of their products. Social media is the leading tool and helping the entrepreneurs in extending their surplus day by day effectively.

Build a Highly Targeted Facebook Audience With This Automated Software

Facebook, is undeniably the ruling emperor of social media. Hence, it is a gateway for an opportunity of getting the attention of the masses. Numerous people have benefited from it by earning likes, shares and comments on their products, but it can be a pretty time consuming process and requires plenty of hard work and dedication. But why is it considered the best and most effective platform if it is time consuming? The answer is simple which is unknown to many and known to the successful individuals and organizations, the computer software. You would find countless such software in the market, but surely you will not be on the edge of your seat to try every single one of them as some will partially do your work and others will just give you a headache.

Does any Facebook automation software that actually works exist?

Audience Toolkit by SimpleSocialTools is one of the most practical and user-friendly software that transforms all that annoying time consuming work into simple and easy steps. It takes the responsibility of the whole mechanism and do it in a more professional manner effectively and captures the attention of your target audience. All you need to worry about is to do some clicks and set values, which takes less than a minute and let the software do its magic.

Acquiring likes of your target audience has never been so easy. This software allows you to send mass friend requests with a single click. The process is simple, just search for an already established page that matches the interest of your product.

How does it work?

Working with Audience Toolkit is a piece of cake. It is the quintessential software that requires only fundamental computer knowledge. Even a beginner can handle it like a pro without any hindrance at all.

For example, if you have a pet shop then you might want to go on such a page where you will find the best audience depending upon your location.

Build a highly targeted audience on Facebook with this automation software

Click on the most recent post, and then click on the reactions to get the active audience, you can select the positive reactions for the more refined target audience. Now let the software do its magic by opening it and in the first box give the time delay in seconds to avoid Facebook ban and in the second box give the number of people you want to send a request. You can then carry on with your other works and the software will do its job with its own.

Get the software now Audience Toolkit and ascend your business in no time.

Auto Send Friend Requests to Your Target Audience

Build a Highly Targeted Facebook Audience With This Automated Software

The software not only helps with the friend requests, but you can also cancel the mass pending requests. It will send an automated message to all your new friends. You can do all this with a single click only.. This is not even limited to one profile, as the software can be used on your multiple Facebook accounts. Another astounding feature of this software is that it allows you the ability to bulk like. You can like up to 100 posts on auto-pilot.

Mass Cancelling Pending Friend Requests

Build a Highly Targeted Facebook Audience With This Automated Software

Automated Content Engagement

Build a Highly Targeted Facebook Audience With This Automated Software

Automated Your Messages & Broadcast to Friends

Build a Highly Targeted Facebook Audience With This Automated Software


Taking everything into account, it can be concluded that the target audience is basically the active and engaged audience made possible by this software as it also helps in connecting with them and letting them know about your product(s) by automated messages written by yourself. This software is very simple to use and is 100% beginner friendly. All in all it is the ultimate time saver and a lightening thunder to boost up your business.

Get the software now Audience Toolkit and ascend your business in no time.

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All in One GIF & Cinemagraph Creator – The Easiest You’ll Ever Find!

The GIF Origins – Because Background Is Important!

Animated images or GIFs, have been around for more than two and a half decades now but it was in 2015, that the trend picked up popularity and was stronger than ever. In the 90s, when the internet was in its infancy, GIFs were mostly limited to shoddily moving clipart and images scattered on the internet; mostly websites made on Geocities or Angelfire.

Today, GIFs are everywhere! Be it Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat or the internet at large, GIFs are social media’s favorite means of communication and expression. Even big digital media companies like Buzzfeed and Mashable frequently use GIFs to not only entertain and engage their audience but also to deliver news and tell stories through photojournalism.

It is safe to say, that GIF is the internet’s new language or at least a jargon we all need to learn!

All in One GIF & Cinemagraph Creator - The Easiest You’ll Ever Find!

Why Are GIFs So Popular?

S­o how did GIFs turn from shoddily moving clipart images to arguably the best image format to share on the internet? A NY Times article believes that a major reason for their popularity is the nostalgia which the 20 something year old (internet’s largest demographic) experience of the awkwardly moving images they discovered when surfing the web in the 90s. But more than that, it is the fact that we are easily moved by visual content and GIFs are the easiest and the quickest to consume. Even a two minute long video takes some time to load and watch on the internet but a simple auto-looping GIF can be easily watched in a couple of seconds. Unlike videos, they have no sound so they can be watched anywhere, even at the library! Also, they can be directly attached anywhere, be it a Facebook comment or used as a sticker on Instagram and Snapchat. GIFs are like a mini video, only better

How Can You Make Your Own GIFs In Seconds? Like This:

All in One GIF & Cinemagraph Creator - The Easiest You’ll Ever Find!

GIFs are all the rage today but while everyone else is stuck using the same old, typical GIFs you can step your GIF game up a notch and get creative with your own GIF designs. And No! You don’t need any technical expertise, Photoshop or any such complicated program, to make your own GIFs from practically any video. All you need is a nifty cloud based software Gifzign which will do the job for you in just a couple of clicks. What we’re talking about here, is an All-in-one GIF software which comes with:

  • A video to GIF converter for easily converting videos from video hosting/sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo or any of your own videos into impactful GIFs and  Cinemagraph.
  • GIF recorder to easily record your screen and make quick tutorials, exhibit your work process or make how-to GIFs
  • GIF editing features to personalize your GIFs with Text and Images and beautify them with a collection of filters and effects to make them even more impactful.
  • GIF player to adorn your GIFs in beautiful ways and have more control over how they appear on your website.
  • Several GIF Mockups allow you to simply choose the frame you want to surround your GIFs with and publish. You get 20 mockups to choose from to make sure your GIFs stand out.
  • Cloud Dashboard: To access your work anywhere at any time and never miss an opportunity to make a GIF.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How Does It Work?

The answer to that is: In three easy steps

Step 1: Create

Start by pasting the link of whatever video on YouTube or Vimeo you would like to turn into a GIF. If you have a video on your hard drive, simply upload it or you can even record your screen with the built-in Record Screen option.

Step 2: Edit

This is where you select what specific part of the video you’d want to use for your GIF by adjusting the time-code sliders under the video.
This is also where you personalize your GIF by using text, images, special effects, mirroring and Instagram like filters. You could even go all out and make your GIF into a cinemograph, which are very popular on Instagram right now. Play around with the options, be as creative as you can be!

Step 3: Publish

Now that your GIF is made and you’re satisfied with the way it looks, you’re all set to publish it on your website with custom-players or built-in mockup frames. Or you could even use the GIF to make your Facebook comments more expressive and funny.

Get #Gifzign

What Makes This Software Better?

Here’s our run-down of this software package’s most convincing features:

  1. A Life-time access to all its features on Mac and PC.
  2. Future Updates and improvements
  3. Weekly training webinars to become a GIF making prodigy
  4. Reliable support
  5. The ability to make Cinemographs and animated banner

The GIF Benefit

GIFs are great means of being more expressive on Facebook comments and making your tweets and Tumblr posts look more eye-catching. Part of the fun is that they happen to be incredibly relatable and there’s a GIF for literally every social situation you may find yourself in.

But that’s not it. GIFs are also an internet marketer’s biggest asset and happen to be at the core of almost every internet marketing campaign. Even companies as big as Dell have realized the potential of GIFs and in a recent report, credit GIFs to have increased revenues by a 109%. They say, using GIFs in their marketing campaigns allowed for a 6% increase in open rate, 42% in click-rate, and a 103% in conversion rate. Talk about engagement!

All in One GIF & Cinemagraph Creator - The Easiest You’ll Ever Find!

And it’s not just Dell, even Email marketers have reported a 26% increase in click-rate through the use of GIFs. Let’s just say, something about GIFs is very hard to ignore.

Go Viral With GIFs

As far as statistics go, those were pretty convincing. But let’s be real, everything on the internet is about virility today and GIFs are some of the most viral content on the internet. There are very high chances that you’ve probably come around a GIF of Jimmy Fallon dancing, a clip of an excited America’s Next Top Model Contestant or one from an LV campaign and found it relatable enough to share.

All in One GIF & Cinemagraph Creator - The Easiest You’ll Ever Find!

When you shared that GIF, you started a chain reaction and hundreds of your friends did the same resulting in the GIF going viral. That is why they are so recognizable. So these GIFs attached to anything, give it an immediate boost on social media and whatever content that yu attach with it, be it text or image, goes viral with it.


If you’ve read through this article, you now probably know everything that there is to know about GIFs and better yet, you also know how to make your very own GIFs. So start right now, ditch the oh-so-typical GIFs everyone else is using and get creative and give your marketing campaign or website a quick boost with this all-in-one GIF creator.

This is where your business’ success story starts!


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Life Hack: Here’s How You Can Have A 24/7 Facebook Social Media Marketing Assistant!

Be it big or small, homegrown or a multi-million corporation – every business in today’s day and age, essentially needs the services of social media to reach its target audience.

Life Hack: Here’s How You Can Have A 24/7 Facebook Social Media Marketing Assistant!

If you’ve come across social media handles of companies as big and successful as Pepsi and Starbucks, you may have noticed how actively they post and respond to customer queries and such on their Facebook pages. That is because companies around the world have realized that social media is the easiest and the quickest way to reach their customers and market themselves, so much so that almost every company today employs a dedicated social media department!

Social Media Is Today’s Business’ Must-Have

When the competition is so tough out there, your business cannot afford to miss out on social media, but like me, you probably do not have the resources to employ an entire social media team to assist you with your business’ Facebook page.

On your own, you can only reply to a few messages or comments in a day, hardly make any leads and chances are that you’re missing on a major chunk of your target audiences and prospects who require an immediate response. I mean as humans we need at least 7- 9 hours of sleep to lead a healthy life but as business owners, we can’t possibly let our business sleep while there’re customers across time-zones waiting for a response!

But finally, there’s a game-changer with which your business can enjoy the bounties of having its very own social media assistant Facebook chatbot- one that works round the clock and never asks for a raise! It’s fascinating to think that something like that is a possibility but it very much is, and you cannot afford to miss out on it any longer.

How To Respond Clients On Facebook, Make Hot Leads And Sales On Complete Autopilot

Now that you’re aware of the amazing possibility of automatically growing your business 24/7 without keeping your eyes constantly peeled to the screen and sleepless nights, the question is HOW?

Socibot, has been the secret ingredient to many business’ growth and success and it’s time that you too make the most of it.

So the first and foremost step in your business’ journey to success, is to get this nifty, cloud based software tool that actually integrates with Facebook to help you engage your audience better, make additional leads and ultimately sales completely on its own!

Are you wondering how that sounds? Because that’s exactly what I thought when I first came across the product’s website but I was astonished and turned a believer as soon as I saw it do everything which it says it does!

It’s super easy to use and the fact the software is cloud-based means that you don’t have to install or download a single thing on your device and can start managing your Facebook page almost immediately and without any hassle.  And frankly, for someone as technically challenged as I am, not having to worry about the nitty gritty of installing complex computer software will really seem like a blessing.

If it’s any assurance, you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to operating the software tool. I mean, that’s pretty much what its purpose is- to do everything for you.  And if I can easily and effectively use it, anyone can!

Thousands of people are using it worldwide and you should too!

How Is Facebook Social Media’s Holy Grail & Why Do You Need To Respond Immediately

While there are many social media platforms, when it comes to marketing and business development, there’s none quite like Facebook. It has the most diverse audience and people from nearly all socio-economic backgrounds tend to use Facebook.

A recent study suggests that an average person will spend about 5 years of his whole life, on social media and majority of the time that people spend on social media, is on Facebook. It has about 2.01 billion monthly active users, so it is safe to say that it is the people’s favorite.

So when there are so many people active on Facebook for so much time and from so many different time zones across the globe, they are looking to reach YOUR business.

Where directing target audience to your business’ website is a great idea, often time people don’t want to navigate away and rather want their questions and queries to be answered then and there when they leave comment on your page or send you a message. If your business takes too long to respond, that’s when their attention’s diverted to your competitor

So without a doubt, your business should always be digitally available to interact with its target audience and this remarkable software tool does that for you and even more!

Who Is This Facebook Chatbot Software For

Honestly, I’d say it’s for every business owner looking for top-notch Facebook marketing and peace of mind, but it works particularly well for:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • CPA offers
  • Lead generation and list-building
  • Selling your own products
  • e-commerce
  • High-ticket offers and etc.

How Does It Work And What More Does It Do For You

Think of it as a very intelligent, little smart Facebook chatbot managing your Facebook account for you! So this chatbot knows all the essentials about your business and whenever a prospect customer leaves a comment or drops a message in your inbox, this robot is there to effectively and instantly respond, but that’s not it!

It also:

  • Automatically builds a list of everyone who ever messages you. Now you also have a hot list
  • Import your own contacts to the platform in a single click
  • Add a button to your website that opens up to a Facebook Messenger
  • Sends out mass messages to your list via Facebook Messenger, so all your target audience is duly notified about all your exiting deals and exclusive news
  • Increases traffic on your Facebook page
  • Saves you a lot of time and money which you can better invest elsewhere
  • Is very user friendly and anyone can use it
  • Does the work of 3 software: Autoresponder, Retargeting tool & Traffic software.
  • Is cloud hosted so you never have to worry about downloading, installing or updating- truly a 100% automated software!


Get Access

Simple 3- Step Activation

As already established, using this software tool is child’s play but even so, let’s summarize the entire process into 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Access Software

Simply activate your purchase and log-in to the software-tool platform through any internet browser.

Step 2: Link Facebook

Link your account and add your Facebook Fan pages to the platform, in seconds.

Step 3: Get Started

Everything is set, and now all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch business grow as traffic increases on your page and leads are turned into sales, all 100% automatically!

Now that you know about this amazing 24/7 social media assistant and how much your business needs it, it’s your time to give it a shot; say good-bye to your social media troubles and watch your business generate leads, make sales and earn you amazing profits. Try it right now!

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Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

Facebook marketing has simplified a great deal in the past few years, and the reason is the introduction of several marketing tools. Being a marketer, all you care about is the ways to increase your Conversion, ROAS, ROI, and CTR right? Out of all the available tools, the campaign maker serves the best for these purposes.

Since this Web-Based software is a bit new to the market, you not might have heard about The Campaign Maker, a powerful automation tool for Facebook Advertising.

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

In this post, I am going to talk about the way it works, its features, and the advantages it holds.

How Does The Campaign Maker Work?

Let’s start with the step-by-step guide on the way it works. You need to register yourself first. You can sign up with your Facebook account.

After registration, you will be asked to authorize your account. Once done with that, you will be shifted to the main page. The first glance at the dashboard will leave you awestruck! You will have everything you need about Facebook marketing just in one glance.

Here’s the simple five-step guide to setup an extremely optimized Facebook campaign.

1) Choose an Objective

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

Go to “Create Campaign”, the second option in the top horizontal bar of the window. Then, select “Objective” the first among the five options at the left-hand side of the window.

There you will find the six most widely used campaign objectives: Lead Generation, Page Likes, Conversions, Multi-Product, Clicks to Website, and Post Engagement.

After setting the objective, you have to name the campaign at this very step and select the ad account you want like to link with it. With this, you will be done with the first step that takes not more than half a minute.

2) Set Up Your Ad

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

Move to the next option “Adcopy” where you will be setting up your ad. In simple words, setting up means to do A/B testing of all the areas of advertisement including the multiple heading, body text, and description you have written without wasting time on Facebook Power Editor. It also allows you to test the multiple URLs and images or videos you have added with a simple interface.

At this step, you can also have a preview of how your ad will look like both on mobile screens and desktops. All in all, you will be done with setting up your ad within five minutes.

3) Set Your Target Audience

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

Here comes the most interesting step! Facebook marketing is all about setting up your target audience. You can hit the people by targeting any aspect you like such as age, gender, demographics, etc. Could you imagine reaching your audience would be this much easy in the past?

You can A/B split test and filter down your audience out of millions as per

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Language
  • Age
  • Relationship status
  • Job title
  • Placement
  • Education
  • Custom audience, and last and the most interesting
  • Demographics or behavior, interest with an added feature of “advanced target.”

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

Here, you can test every aspect individually. The total time this step takes is five minutes.

4) Set Up Your Budget

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

Once you are done with setting up your ad and testing it, it’s time to decide how much you will be spending a day per adset. It’s very helpful especially when you have a lot of ad sets to split test at once. This option also allows you to set date and time at which you want to run your campaign. Setting up a budget takes sixty seconds of your time only.

5) Recheck Everything

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

The campaign maker asks you to review everything in your newly made campaign before publishing it. It’s the fifth and the last option on the left-hand side. You can edit the campaign, add something in it, or correct the mistakes if there are any.

Publish the ad once you are done with reviewing. It will take just a minute in reviewing and publishing your campaign. That’s it! The software will do all the marketing and laborious work for you.

Could you imagine doing the complex Facebook marketing with such amazing features within twelve to thirteen minutes only? It does wonders for the Facebook marketers and is already loved a great deal by those who are using it.

Well, I am not done yet! There are some additional features as well that I am pretty sure will help you a lot in decision-making. Have a look!

Additional Features

There’s a lot more you can do with the software. It makes your Facebook ad campaign even more fun. Following is the list of additional features you will find on the campaign maker dashboard.

1) Design optimization rules for your Facebook ad campaign

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

All you have to do is select the campaign you want the rule to apply to, and enter filtered computerized rules. You can pause any campaign automatically by setting up rules on ad spend, CPC, CTR, Impressions, Conversion, and Engagement. This latest optimization feature.

If you are an agency or individual who manages ads for multiple clients and finds it hard to juggle with hundreds of ad campaigns, this amazing optimization feature will help you to automate your ad deliverability by setting up rules. So, you won’t lose money on poor performing ads.

2) Select the Date and Time

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

You can day-part your ad by selecting specific day and time during which you want your ad to be run.

3) Scaling

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

You can also scale down your most lucrative ads to their increase value within seconds.

4) Picture and Video Uploading

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

It’s just a one-time thing to do. Upload images and videos once and they will be stored forever to your Facebook library.

5) Filtered Searching

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

It saves you a great amount of searching time as it allows you to explore as per your interest. You tell campaign maker your interest and it will generate results, accordingly.

6) Mobile-Friendly Software

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

Is your desktop down and you are tensed because you can’t work? There’s nothing to worry because you can access this software from mobile phones and other devices, too.

7) Scaling of Profitable Campaign

Features You Should Know To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With This Automation Tool

Here comes the most interesting part! After working on a campaign, all you wish for is profit and when you can scale them to maximize your ROI, it gets even more interesting.

8) Pinpoint Targeting

The campaign maker does pinpoint targeting of an audience for you. Moreover, it enables you to split test all the major aspects.

9) Google Analytics Integrated

Built-in Integration with Google Analytics URL builder so you can embed each ad with its own URL for tracking.

In a Nutshell

I have found The Campaign Maker easy to use and money-saving. Spending a handsome amount of money on a campaign that ends up being non-profitable is common among Facebook campaign makers, and this software saves you from all such troubles. Furthermore, the exclusive and smart split testing option is another unique feature. Aren’t you tempted to use it now after knowing everything?

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How to Find and Make the Most of High Authority Expired Domains?

Bringing an influx of traffic on your website is pretty challenging for an online marketer. Last week, I was struggling to increase visitors on my newly made website, but since I had a lot of other things to manage, I couldn’t do it. By discussing the issue with one my fellows, I got to know about the High Authority Expired Domains.

High Authority Expired Domains

The idea of expired domain marketing is thrilling for a marketer, but it’s a challenge to explain it to a layman. For most of the people, web addresses are immutable, but the reality is, they come and go every day. You can use high authority expired domains for multiple purposes I am going to tell you shortly. Now, the question is how can you find such domains among a million other addresses? That’s what I am here for in this post to let you know how can you find and then buy the expired domains.

What Can You Use Expired Domains For?

Before moving on to the way of finding, using, and buying an expired domain, you should know what you can use them for. Well, you have got three options.

1) Redirect Traffic of the Domain to Your Own Site

If you have found a relevant domain with a good number of visitors, you can steal that traffic and bring it to your own website. Once you have siphoned off visitors, you can eventually let the domain expire again when the traffic is minimal.

2) Start a Microsite, PBN or a Full Website From Scratch

On the domain you have chosen, you can start a new website. It is fruitful when you want to start a blog or a business that matches the niche of the expired address you have found out. The results are best when you can do better than the previously existed owner. It’s just like starting a website from scratch with an additional benefit of already developed monthly traffic that you don’t get otherwise.

3) Restore the Old Website

Won’t there be a reason why there are a lot of visitors on the expired domain? This shows it was a successfully running website. You can try to restore it and make it look like the older one with the use of tools like Google cache. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get everything back because it isn’t that simple, but you can try.

How To Find Expired Domains?

Online marketers know that things change pretty often and websites can vanish anytime, but this is not a common societal perception. Imagine getting your hands on a website that already has a handful of traffic! The biggest challenge of an online marketer is to build traffic on a website, and when you can get it all readily available on your plate, it feels like a blessing.

With expired domains, I mean the addresses that are expected to disappear soon. They are different from the ones that have not been registered yet because they have got a history, and those addresses that have got a good past are demanding. Domain Hunter Gatherer is the tool that will help you find the web addresses that will soon vanish out, along with the history they hold. You can see and then buy the one that suits you the most.

There are some obvious reasons why I am suggesting you use Domain Hunter Gatherer. Following are some of the key reasons I have listed down. Have a look!

1) There’s No Need of a Third Party Service

You have got an all-in-one solution with no additional cost. The software finds you metrics out of Majestic and co. without any extra fee; thereby saving you a handsome amount of money.

2) There are Five Ways Through Which You Can Find Web Addresses

This software allows you five simple options of searching an address. Let’s talk about each, individually.

Search From Websites: You will have to slide into some of the popular websites and find their linked addresses that have been expired. For instance, you can search for high authority expired domains domains from wikihow, CNN’s official website, etc.

Search Through Keywords: Online marketing is nothing without keywords hunting, and the same applies when you find domain addresses through domain hunter. Enter some keywords of your interest and the software will find you some related expired addresses.

Backward Hunting: You can also look for the backlinks of the domain you have entered. When you enter a domain address, the software finds you the backlinks and then scans them to find soon-to-be-vanished domains.

Auction Hunter: The software also allows you to look up eight marketplaces that have been expired and the key metrics associated with them when you enter a domain. It works just like an auction.

Web 2.0 Hunter: You can also search for related expired 2.0 web platforms from twenty varying 2.0 platforms.

3) Filtration and Sorting

You can filter out the domains either demographically by choosing language and countries or by the number of traffic on websites. It eases and fastens the process of searching as per your needs and goals.

4) Rebuilding a Website

Once you have selected an expired domain, you must need a lot of changes to meet your standards, right? To put it simply, you need to recreate or rebuild the entire website. The domain hunter gather allows you to rebuild your chosen address in just one click.

What Packages Does the Software Offer?

It has three different packages and each suits different needs. The packages are named as free, premium, and professional.

As the name indicates, the first package is free of cost with ad-supported domain auction hunting. Other distinguishing features include the ability to compare domains from all auction sites, more than thirty-five quality metrics, and video guides.

The premium package costs $17/month with expired web 2.0 hunting. Furthermore, it allows you to register unlimited accounts at no cost, search through keywords, access all features from the free version, and the thirty-day money back guarantee. What is more, the package is multi threaded for speed so efficiency is also apparent.

The professional package has got everything along with the high authority expired domains mining in $87/month. With this package, you can access a good aged domain starting from $10 or even less, crawl authentic websites, look for expired domains related to your niche, backwardly crawl website, get a unique spam check, regularly crawl thousands of pages, access to all features of DHG premium, access to DomRecovery in $97, and thirty-day money back guarantee.

In a Nutshell

The expired domains serve as a short cut when you want to start a new website. The biggest advantage of using it that you get already existing traffic on your website and you don’t have to play SEO games to do that; thereby saving you both time and energy. The domain hunter gatherer is the best tool to find and use a high authority expired domains. The software is super-easy to use and has a bundle of attractive features.

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10 Robust Marketing Tools to Create Best Facebook Ads Strategy

Are you a Facebook marketer who wants to learn the ways of increasing the conversions, ROI with dirt cheap CPC of your ads? It’s all the game of ad strategies that I am going to tell you in this article. The Facebook ad strategies are all about knowing your audience and then attracting them towards your business. Having a sound Facebook ads strategy will take you to the right and motivated audience for your business.

The world of Facebook is wider than just posting, commenting, and tagging. Since the entire world has been combined on a single platform, it’s easier to connect them all from a marketing standpoint. Scroll down to learn about some of the best tools you can use to master your skills as a Facebook ad strategist.

1. Adsviser 2.0

Adsviser 2.0

In order to attract your audience, you must throw an appealing ad for them, but for that, you have to know about the ongoing ad campaigns. Isn’t it tedious for you to search for a specific campaign among a hundred others? Adviser 2.0 skims down these options for you and enables you to track the most successful and latest ones. As a result of this, you get to see what’s so appealing about these campaigns and why people are allured by them. By doing so, you can copy those ideas to your own campaign in the hope of gaining profit by increasing your customers.

2. AdEspresso


Facebook ad strategies were never as easy as they are now, and a huge credit goes to adespresso. One of the toughest parts of Facebook ad marketing was A/B testing that adespresso has simplified up to a great extent for you. Creating multiple variants of your ad was such a distressing process, but not anymore. Within just three clicks, you can now make not hundreds, but thousands of variants of your very own ad. Your preferences will be saved by default and all of your media will be stored, so you don’t have to worry about uploading the same picture all over again.

You are also able to conduct a powerful and error-free analytics and optimize the results of your campaign through adespresso without having several clustered databases.

3. Interest Explorer

Interest Explorer

Do you want to take your business to its zenith through Facebook? If yes, then interest explorer is worth trying as it is the world’s first interest cloud engine of Facebook. It took ten long years for the software professionals to design this program to ensure zero chances of inaccuracy and inefficiency. It is the fastest search engine in the market that finds out the most lucrative interests on Facebook in no time. What makes it even more interesting is that it allows its users to have multi licenses and install it on three systems at a time. So, don’t waste your time and nerves and use interest explorer for the most profitable interests and to target your campaigns accurately.

4. Social Interest Freak

Social Interest Freak

Do you know how to “laser target” the audience you need? To tell you the truth, I didn’t know either before knowing about social interest freak. Facebook marketing get ultra advanced when it came to the market. It specifies your audience for you by unveiling to you their behaviors, interest, demographics, and other personal traits. Once you identify these characters, it’s a piece of cake for you to focus on the audience you need. That’s how it “laser targets” the audience for you! When it was released, only the Facebook managed clients had an access to it, but now, it is easily reachable to everyone. Isn’t it interesting to know about the education, job titles, location, etc. of the Facebook users and skimming down the ones you need out of them.

5. Turbo Ad Finder

Turbo Ad Finder

Before moving forward, I would like to drop a piece of advice here. If you are a permanent Facebook marketer, keep Google Chrome installed in it even if you don’t use it. Now, why am I saying this? You must be wondering! There are some amazing Google Chrome extensions for Facebook marketing and the Turbo ad finder is one of those.

It acts like your marketing researcher by eliminating all the unwanted posts from your newsfeed and bringing up just the ads; thereby allowing you to have an insight on competition level you have to meet and exceed with your competitors. Observe and notice the top visited ads and see what more you can do with yours to have more customers.

6. Smart Ad Builders

Smart Ad Builders

Creating a high converting ad is a helluva lot more difficult than it sounds, especially with the proven and tested templates. Smart ad builder is the software that has been designed to make it simpler for you. No matter how magnetic the graphics in your ad are, you need some engaging content so that people would know what your work is all about. Apart from including striking images, smart ad builder adds captivating text in the body of your ad by default. It’s absolutely user-friendly, accurate, and efficient, therefore, I recommend you to try it!

7. Leads Tunnel

Leads Tunnel

As the name implies, this software has got a lead as it allows you to synchronize your Facebook leads to the email software of your choice. Yeah, you can automatically and instantly interact with the all the registered emails in the software you have chosen and share your ads with them.

Let’s imagine the process without leads tunnel! First, you would have to make a list of emails, and then use that list to market your business. Most of the times, people are reluctant in sharing their emails and regard it as a highly personal thing. Therefore, fetching email addresses in this circumstance would have been a great challenge for you. Thanks to leads tunnel that it is pretty simple to do it now!

8. Credi Response

Credi Response

Reach out directly to every single person who engages with your ad and express interest in your product at 100% inbox delivery. Imagine this anytime some comments on your Facebook page post they get a personal message right into their Facebook inbox automatically.

Credi Response is 100% Facebook compliant software that uses a new Facebook technology to monitor your Facebook pages and posts and send a direct message to those who leave a comment on your posts. The message pops right up on the screen with audio alert Facebook notification.

Run Facebook ads with credi response and maximize conversion using this amazing web based software.

9. ZipoGraphics


Like Interest explorer, it took ten long years for professionals to design this software. Its stand out feature of is that it perfectly suits both the professionals and the newbies. It has the fastest and efficient algorithms that ensure fast speed and accuracy. It also kinda laser targets the audience for you as you can choose them demographically. It doesn’t only allow you to choose a specific country, but you can also select people of a certain city within the selected country. What is more, it allows you to target them on the basis of gender, age, background, income, race, and number of persons in a house.

10. The Campaign Maker

The Campaign Maker

Time is money, as they all say! And, it’s pretty much right. Being a Facebook marketer, you lack time even more and always want to speed up the process. Keeping this in mind, the designers of campaign maker have made a simple dashboard of this software. You don’t need to go through complicated steps as you can have the entire picture of your campaign within one glance. It’s TCM report has been loved by the users as it shows how your money has been utilized. This information is usually hidden by Facebook that campaign maker unveils for you. What is more, you can copy your successful campaign within a few clicks. Nothing could be better than this! You don’t have to go through the tedious process of making another campaign. As a result, you save your time and the process speeds up.

In a Nutshell

So, to master your skills at Facebook ad strategies, I advise you learn the above-mentioned tools. Every tool has its own specialty; therefore, you must know your requirements first and then chose the one that fits your needs. There are other tools in the market as well, but these are the best ones I have listed down for you. Did they help you in increasing the number of customers for your business?

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