Easy to use Screen, Microphone and Camera Recording Chrome Extension

Easy to use Screen, Microphone and Camera Recording Chrome Extension

Screen recording tools are often cluttery, limited in functionality and a nightmare to set-up. With several plugins to install and software to download, recording a quick ten minute tutorial can take up several hours and seem no less than rocket science. And even though the potential is endless, most product managers fret at the very thought of dealing with the hassles of screen-recording. However, the good news is that there are some emerging alternatives that aim to put a fresh spin on this rather interesting aspect of the digital experience and make screen recording a piece of cake!

Handy Screen, Microphone and Camera Recording Chrome Extension

Available for Google Chrome, Openvid is one such game changing extension for seamless Screen, Microphone and Camera Recording. The stand-alone, easy to install extension not only declutters the whole process of screen-recording but also adds a ton of functionality to it. Unlike conventional screen-recording solutions, Openvid allows users to record audios well as front-facing camera video; whilst simultaneously recording the screen. It also gives its users the flexibility to record and store unlimited video. It then instantly produces a URL for sharing or downloading the video in HD. This opens door to a horizon of new possibilities and makes Openvid a one-stop solution for all screen-recording needs.

Handy Screen, Microphone and Camera Recording Chrome Extension 1

Where everything so far seems really lucrative, there comes the question that who exactly is Openvid really for? The answer is everyone. And by everyone, we literally mean everyone! For instance, Picture yourself on call with your grandma; trying to teach her how to set-up a Facebook account. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to just send her an interactive video tutorial of the whole process, instead of repeatedly explaining her the difference between sign-up and sign-in?

One extension to rule them all

Creators of Openvid, especially believe it to be quite a resource for people who own emerging businesses. For example, it gives Product Managers around the world the ability to create quick product tutorials, evangelize new product features, capture competitor’s experiences and create contextual analytics reviews with the click of a single button. It also enables UI and UX designers to share unambiguous feedback or inspiration with clients, colleagues or QA at every step of the product life cycle. The minds behind Openvid, strongly believe that it can help people in business close deals faster by showing off the benefits, products, and features that matter the most to each individual perspective client. Furthermore the extension can also prove to be the quickest and most precise way to answer questions on customer support. It makes the answers more personable by adding your smile to the video.

Openvid- Handy Screen, Microphone and Camera Recording Chrome Extension 3

Openvid is a promising product that seems to bring functionality, flexibility and ease of use to the concept of screen-recording and completely revolutionizes it. From common-folk to business owners, it is there-fore a must have for pretty much anyone who sits behind a computer-screen.



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