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Build a Highly Targeted Facebook Audience With This Automated Software

Over the past decade advertisement and marketing has abruptly inclined towards the online world. Millions of people around the globe have turned towards the internet for the pragmatic promotional gain of their products. Social media is the leading tool and helping the entrepreneurs in extending their surplus day by day effectively.

Facebook, is undeniably the ruling emperor of social media. Hence, it is a gateway for an opportunity of getting the attention of the masses. Numerous people have benefited from it by earning likes, shares and comments on their products, but it can be a pretty time consuming process and requires plenty of hard work and dedication. But why is it considered the best and most effective platform if it is time consuming? The answer is simple which is unknown to many and known to the successful individuals and organizations, the computer software. You would find countless such software in the market, but surely you will not be on the edge of your seat to try every single one of them as some will partially do your work and others will just give you a headache.

Does any Facebook automation software that actually works exist?

Audience Toolkit by SimpleSocialTools is one of the most practical and user-friendly software that transforms all that annoying time consuming work into simple and easy steps. It takes the responsibility of the whole mechanism and do it in a more professional manner effectively and captures the attention of your target audience. All you need to worry about is to do some clicks and set values, which takes less than a minute and let the software do its magic.

Acquiring likes of your target audience has never been so easy. This software allows you to send mass friend requests with a single click. The process is simple, just search for an already established page that matches the interest of your product.

How does it work?

Working with Audience Toolkit is a piece of cake. It is the quintessential software that requires only fundamental computer knowledge. Even a beginner can handle it like a pro without any hindrance at all.

For example, if you have a pet shop then you might want to go on such a page where you will find the best audience depending upon your location.

Build a highly targeted audience on Facebook with this automation software

Click on the most recent post, and then click on the reactions to get the active audience, you can select the positive reactions for the more refined target audience. Now let the software do its magic by opening it and in the first box give the time delay in seconds to avoid Facebook ban and in the second box give the number of people you want to send a request. You can then carry on with your other works and the software will do its job with its own.

Get the software now Audience Toolkit and ascend your business in no time.

Auto Send Friend Requests to Your Target Audience

The software not only helps with the friend requests, but you can also cancel the mass pending requests. It will send an automated message to all your new friends. You can do all this with a single click only.. This is not even limited to one profile, as the software can be used on your multiple Facebook accounts. Another astounding feature of this software is that it allows you the ability to bulk like. You can like up to 100 posts on auto-pilot.

Mass Cancelling Pending Friend Requests

Automated Content Engagement

Automated Your Messages & Broadcast to Friends


Taking everything into account, it can be concluded that the target audience is basically the active and engaged audience made possible by this software as it also helps in connecting with them and letting them know about your product(s) by automated messages written by yourself. This software is very simple to use and is 100% beginner friendly. All in all it is the ultimate time saver and a lightening thunder to boost up your business.

Get the software now Audience Toolkit and ascend your business in no time.

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