5 Game-Changing Gadgets You Can’t Afford To Not Know About

5 Game-Changing Gadgets You Can’t Afford To Not Know About

5 Game-Changing Gadgets You Can’t Afford To Not Know About

The Future is here and technology is undoubtedly taking over! From self-driving cars and virtual reality gaming consoles to personal assistant robots and wearable tech- Every year a handful of thousands of new and emerging products are launched in pursuits of changing the world and the way we interact with it. But amidst the foray of technological advancements, we sometimes happen to over-look the most revolutionary of products and promising startups. So here is our list of 5 game-changing gadgets you might be missing out on.


Function meets style with Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket designed with Google ATAP’s project Jacquard technology woven in. This smart jacket takes wearable tech to the next level and is equipped with the technology in the form of conductive Jacquard yarn to remotely connect to your smartphone and transform fabric into an interactive surface that can register and respond to touch. Whereas the digital connectivity is provided through a detachable smart tag that houses all the necessary electronics. The wearer can do a bunch of things such as attend or dismiss calls, play music and get audio directions without ever needing to pull their phone out of the pocket. And the best thing is that, expect for the detachable tag, the whole interactive garment is washable and durable like regular Levi’s denim that you know and love.


Lightweight, Durable and packed with a ton of functionality- Birksun’s solar backpack is an answer to all our prayers. Equipped with a solar panel and a battery, this revolutionary backpack allows you to conveniently charge all your gadgets on-the-go without ever running out of juice as long as the sun is up. Furthermore, the backpack is water resistant and leak proof, and the smart charging circuitry communicates with all your devices to determine the right amount of power to deliver in order to deliver safe charge at the fastest possible speed. Also, Birksun’s solar backpack is available in a variety of chic colors and designs, so you never run out of style!


The year 2016 saw some major advancements in the world of wearable tech, but a product that really caught our attention is Kerv- World’s first contact less payment ring. Crafted from aerospace-grade zirconia technical ceramic, the ring does not only look gorgeous, but makes life a whole lot easier without the hassle of carrying multiple credit cards and bulky wallets. What’s revolutionary is perhaps the fact that the water-proof ring is a stand-alone device and doesn’t require pairing to a smartphone or even charging. It allows you to pay for anything anywhere around the world where contact less payment is accepted, without the need of a card, pin, signature or even a bank account. Moreover, it can even be used to tap into London’s public transport network, store contact, emergency and medical information and access NFC locks.


Dubbed as the most adaptable charging cable, Magic Cable allows you to charge all your devices using any of your devices. Although only a startup, this remarkably simple yet phenomenal product is already taking the market by storm and giving bulky power banks and conventional cables a run for their money. The magic happens on either ends of the cable, which can transform to fit any charging port. All you have to do is plug one end of the cable into a charged device and another into a device that needs charging and watch the magic as it happens!


Drones! They are all the rage in the tech world. From palm-sized indestructible carbon-fiber ones to quadcopters equipped with 4K professional video cameras, they come in all shapes and sizes, but sadly most are capable of burning a hole in your wallet. But this fun, affordable and powerful smart Nano drone by Onagofly is the next best thing that we common folks can hope to buy. The palm-sized drone is equipped with GPS technology and a high resolution 15-megapixel camera, and is capable of automatically following you as it films your journey. With a long battery life and obstacle avoiding built-in infra-red technology, it is a ton of fun for people of all ages to play with.

So now that you’ve read through this article, you know exactly what to put on your Birthday/Christmas wish list!


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