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Amazing Facts About The Latest Games Platforms

Next Gen console impressed us in terms of framerates and graphics in their latest games but the next gen consoles are even better they comes with 4k gaming, powerful processors and brute GPU’s.

Some people are worried about this new trend in gaming consoles, which is launching their upgraded models after few years, Xbox 360 stretched for over 8 years and it was all good but this new latest trend of releasing beefed up consoles just after the few years of original release. Taking the console battle into the mobile phones territory and no one wants to splash out cash that soon and that much for upgraded gaming consoles.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gaming is inevitable and now it is really advanced so much that VR is now a feasible way to play games and people are going crazy about it, some even spend thousands of dollars to create an amazing VR gaming rig. VR is around for many years but we mostly enjoy it in gaming arenas but it is feasible enough for consumers and to be used as home entertainment.

The problem with VR is that it’s not just one new system and making a choice is not always easy there are plenty of hardware and companies to choose from, you also have to consider the console or computer you’re going to use it with, not just the headset. You will need to put focus on getting hardware that is VR-ready, and it is not always easy to pick out one system and gadget and live happily ever after with it.



Playtech is the world’s largest online gaming software supplier platform, It is been around in existence since 1999.  It is the best choice for the operators of casino, software engineering and multimedia industries, It is one of the strongest player in online gaming platforms.

Playtech has grown by leaps and bounds adding more and more points to the list of accomplishments: worldwide bingo network, live casino, poker network, Live TV product and sports betting platform, etc.

It’s succefully using it’s services for Casino, Live Casino Games, Sports Betting, Mobile and Social Gaming and for Lottery services.

Most winning part of this platform is the versatility of it, It can be adopted for any gaming platform from PC to Apple and can be used on tablets to smartphones.

So if you like to play your luck online chances are you have been using a platform and services built by Playtech Since it is the popular gaming platform that many online casino websites use, such as: mansioncasino.com.

MansionCasino online casino website that offers many games which are tailored for every mood and age, From superhero slot games to all the way to Las Vegas styled live casino and blackjack.

Xbox One: Project Scorpio

Xbox One: Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio is in the news for a while now and it will be an upgraded and beefed up version of Xbox One. Xbox and Xbox 360 were the most powerful of their generation of consoles, the Xbox One falls far behind the PlayStation 4.Now it will be all changed we all have seen Neo appears in the scene and it didn’t quite fulfill the dreams of gamers and now we are waiting for Scorpio to come and woo us all.

Though it was unveiled at E3, but nothing was unveiled and didn’t give out all the details which we all are hoping for the specs mentioned look like it will beat the PlayStation Neo in terms of power and I am quite sure of that too. The specs mentioned in the unveiling video point to a high end PC that is able to run 4K video and gaming. The new console will also be VR ready and explains their recent partnership with Oculus makes it even more desirable and anticipated. Only time will tell what we are going to receive for all this anticipation.


PlayStation 4K (a.k.a. Neo)

It’s an upgraded version of the current console iteration and not so impressive at the launch date. It is more powerful as they shown us in the tech spec sheet and it is much more powerful than the ‘Base’ PS4.

The ‘4K’ of the title suggests it will be a 4K-ready console, 4K is an iteration of ultra-HD. HD, at peak capacity, gives you just over two million pixels, It is also VR ready and it’s UHD update is out as well but there is so much speculation about its VR update which will come soon.

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