Future Technologies That Will Change the World

Technology helps us make our lives easier than those led by generations before us as our current generation enjoys advancements in technology that previous generations could have hardly imagined.

Scientists are on an on-going strife to improve upon the current technology and facilitate our lives with more new inventions.

The following are Top Future Technologies That Will Change the World. While most of them are still to undergo development, these concepts, once realized could help make human lives easier exponentially.

Flying cars

Flying cars

A Personal aircraft that heralds the future of our daily commutes. In terms of design, it’ll be similar to your car. However, it will have an additional ability to be airborne. Naturally, drivers of these flying cars will be expected to pass a driving test and carry a license on them.

It will help in reducing traffic hindrances, and chances of road accidents will also decrease, but the car itself might be very expensive.

Many inventors are busy working on the concept of a flying car and several prototypes were built since the beginning of the 21st Century, however none has cleared the production stage thus far.

Screenless display


One of the most anticipated technology breakthroughs which allows you to project a display without a screen. It is expected to be much more reliable and user friendly than a touch screen.

Screenless Displays will revolutionize fields such as teaching and research. There are three sub categories of a screen less display concept; Visual, Retinal display and finally the Synaptic interface.

Screenless display is expected to be better than a touch responsive screen in both resolution, usability and the overall viewing experience.

3D Printing

3D Printing

Technology that allows you to effectively print tangible Three- dimensional (3D) objects by your computer.

As of 2013, 3D printing is now a reality and is being used in many forms including art, at people’s homes and in industry as well. However, the 3D printing we’ve achieved so far is still limited and there is a whole lot more that we can use this technology for in the near future.

It is also used in architecture and is very effective however, again, there’s a whole lot more that we can accomplish from 3D printing with some more advancements.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Technology that can really make your dreams come true through neuro stimulation. It can create sensory experiences that can bridge the gap between dreams and reality.

It can be used in the field of medicine to help reduce mental problems such as brain disorders, anxiety and depression etc.

Perhaps the most anticipated use of Virtual Reality is to be employed by the gaming industry to bring players the most vivid in game experience, however, inventors are still working on making it usable in other fields as well.

Hypersonic Trains

Hyper-Sonic Trains

Yet another future technology that aims at revolutionizing the way we move.

Hypersonic Trains are expected to run on solar power and be able to operate at speeds faster than the speed of an airplane; with an ability to cover several miles in a second. It will be the next generation of the bullet train that is both fast and friendly to the environment.

The concept is still under the development process, but if completed, the need for electricity and petrol to power trains will be reduced drastically.

Holographic Television

Holographic Television



A television that will utilize light emission to create and project a 3D hologram of instead of an image, providing the ultimate real time viewing experience.

Technologies such as Laser, MEMS, Electro holography and Full Parallax were used to allow light diffraction to create a picture bigger than its original size and in clear view.



Neurohacking is a method which will enhance the human brain and allow us to view our thoughts more closely.

Although it is expected to be beneficial in many fields, it is currently being researched with the objective of unlocking the current capacity of the human brain.

Wireless Electricity

Wireless Electricity

As the name suggests, this technology will allow us to power our electronics without having to plug in any kind of power cord. This means that there will be no mess of wires in your home any longer.

This concept will also help reduce dangerous accidents related to electricity and make managing power to different devices easier as well.



There is hope for technology that can make you completely or at least partially invisible.

The notion of invisibility somehow brings back a magical image of a certain invisibility cloak from Happy Potter. However, with the rate at which we’re advancing in technology, it may no longer be something that needs magic.

Scientists are still researching on how they could make humans invisible. We’re already seeing translucent screens being made but that’s as far as we go for now.

Autonomous Robots

Autonomous Robots
Ever since the first sci-fi movie, our scientists have been obsessed with artificial intelligence and that’s kept them going in their efforts in creating an automaton or an autonomous robot.

If we succeed in creating intelligent artificial life, then we may really have robots as our friends and peers like in all those movies.

Currently, the robots we’re creating are getting closer and closer to being lifelike but they have far to go before they can be considered as artificial lifeforms.


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