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Amazon Echo – The latest revolution in gadgetry


Amazon Echo has come across as the new revolution in the realm of gadgetry and tech world. Now available in both UK and US, this amazing gadget can be obtained in several different forms depending on your budget and needs. The best way to understand Echo’s functions is to see what deeds it can actually perform. In order to fully utilize its capacities, there are certain commands aka ‘skills’ that you need to install on the Echo. After this, there are a number of activities that you can enjoy with your Amazon Echo.

1) What day is it?

Many a times there are several popular dates that are important with regard to some national celebration or event but we are unaware of it. Amazon Echo’s Alexa allows you to track what day is it and celebrate it.

2) Spelling check

The command ‘Alexa, launch Spelling Bee’ brings up the app which tests your spelling knowledge by giving you a few choices and letting you guess the right one. If you wish to save time, simply tell Alexa to spell the word out for you.

3) Order your favorite pizza

In my opinion, this is by far the best skill that Amazon Echo has to offer. Only available in the US for now, you can call up Domino’s and order the type of pizza that you ordered last time from this food chain.

4) Call an Uber

If Uber is available at your location, you can use Alexa-powered Echo to order an uber cab. It also allows you to choose and change your pick up location as well as find out where your taxi is at the moment.

5) Search about your traveling budget

If you are a travel enthusiast with an Amazon Echo in possession, there is a lot that you can do with it. By installing the Kayak skill on the gadget, you can ask Alexa about some location that you can visit in a specific amount of money. For instance, if you wish to see where you can go in 500 pounds, all you need to do is ask Alexa to inquire Kayak about where exactly can you visit in this amount.

6) Shopping from Amazon

This is again one of my most favorite skills that are available through Amazon Echo. It is capable of doing your shopping for you when you want it to. The only prerequisite for this to happen is for you to be an Amazon Prime member and that the item that you need to order should have been ordered by you at least once before.


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