This amazing app lets you stay connected on-the-go with the people you care about

This amazing app lets you stay connected on-the-go with the people you care about

How often do you find yourself in a state of dilemma when signing your child’s permission slip for a school trip or allowing them to spend the night at a friend’s place? May it be your daughter going out at night, a date with your partner, a ski trip or a business meeting, at many times during the day we find ourselves wondering where our loved ones are at the moment? Where today’s world seems to have shrunk; playgrounds have evolved, children have become more independent and are ready to explore their horizons and travel far and wide- a parent’s heart is never at ease. But worry no more, because finally an app is here that promises to keep you and yours connected wherever you are!

What Is Wave?

An answer to all your prayers and available for free on the iOS App Store as well as Android’s Google Play Store, Wave is a location app that allows you to locate your contacts in real-time on a private map for a limited period of time. It is dubbed as the easiest way to locate your friends and family and is a must-have app for everyone who owns a smartphone.

How Does It Work?

What makes Wave a go-to location app is perhaps its remarkable simplicity and ease of use. What you need to get Waving, is a compatible smartphone with enabled location services/GPS and an internet connection. And this is all that you really need to do to set up the Wave app:

  1. Launch the Wave app, pick a contact and request to see each other position for as long as you wish.

  2. Your contact will receive a push notification indicating that you wish to open a wave with them for a particular amount of time.

  3. Once your contact accepts your request, you will be able to see each other on a dynamic, live and private map as your pin on the map follows your movements in real-time.

  4. You can also set a Meeting Point, leave a message on a board, create Group Waves with up to 10 people and chat with every member of active wave.

  5. How many times a day do you look at your wrist? Well that is about to change, because Wave has a full fledged Apple Watch companion App to take your Wave experience to the next level

Step safety and care up a notch with Wave- A private location app 1

Who Is It For?

The creators of the app believe that every open Wave brings people together in real life. And joining people always mean the beginning of something new and beautiful. The app can prove to be more than useful at many times during the day. For instance, you can open a wave with your mother when you go out at night, Keep track of your friends on your way to a group hangout or outdoor sports like a hike through the woods, and know where everybody is. You can even set up your client’s addresses as meeting points and check everyone’s on their way, or show you care by opening a wave with your date and letting them know that you’re on your way.

Who Is It For

So Wave is for everyone; everyone who owns a smartphone and cares about their loved ones!

What makes Wave so Amazing?

Although the application doesn’t bring anything too phenomenal in term concept, but tucked away under Wave’s seamless and beautiful user interface is a masterwork of software engineering and ingenious Multi-OS optimization that plays in synchrony to present an experience like no other. Moreover, every single push notification and all movement data registered into the Wave app is encrypted and never saved on its servers. Wave seems to have achieved what no other location app could- Simplicity and uncompromised privacy! And this is perhaps what has earned Wave testimonials putting it much ahead of apps like Apple’s Find My Friend and Google Latitude. It has appeared in more than 100 specialized media and has been selected for some of the world’s most renowned technology and creativity summits, including Dublin’s Web Summit and the 4YFN Congress where Wave earned its place as an official Alpha Startup.

So get Wave app right now and show your loved ones that you care!

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