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How to Create Push Notifications for Posts in WordPress

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Did you just spend hours to write a new blog post for your target audience to read? Unfortunately, with tons of websites aiming for the same audience, that is not always the case. It can be a tough task to let people know about your new content and get them to read it.

You can let your visitors remain updated with whatever is new on your website by using push notifications for WordPress. Your audience remains informed about what’s new on your website when message is sent directly to people’s desktops or phones. Small reminders can go a long way and generate more traffic for your website and increase conversion rate.

What are Push Notifications?

While the technology of push notifications is nothing new for mobile apps but it is definitely new to send push notification from a WordPress site.

Push notifications for WordPress allow you to notify your subscribers regarding new things going on your website through a message. For instance, if you publish a new post, the notification is shown even if a subscriber is not on your website.

Therefore, push notifications is a perfect method for interacting with your audience even when they don’t visit your website.

How Can You Benefit by Using Push Notifications?

Push notifications are not just meant for e-commerce sites that have a variety of products to sell. Simple bloggers can also reap great advantages of using push notification as it informs their audience whenever a new post goes live. Here are some of the benefits of using push notifications:

Engage Directly with your Target Audience

You probably know how a mailing list works. Push notifications works in a similar fashion. When people have opted and shown their interest in your niche, they become your target audience. You need to keep in touch with them and interact with them so that they come back to your website.

Sending emails regarding your content is an extremely effective way of engaging your subscribers. When you try to engage your audience via email, you need them to open your mail which can become a challenge too as inbox can become too crowded.

Push notifications stand out in this regard and the message is displayed on your user’s mobile or computer. The notification doesn’t wait for the person to open and this way directly interacts with your audience.

Engage Directly with your Target Audience

Increase your Website Traffic

It doesn’t matter how well you have written your new post. People will only become interested if they are aware about it. When they don’t even know about it, how are they supposed to visit your website? Promoting your new blog post via push notification for WordPress can be the answer. It increases the traffic to your site and makes your new content discovered. Little reminders on a regular basis can keep people from slipping you out of their memory.

Improve your Sales

Through push notifications, you can promote new blog posts but that is not it. You can even promote your new products in case you have an e-commerce website. You can spread the word through push notifications regarding new product launches or sales.

Improve your Sales

Things to check out when selecting a push notification plugin?

There are tons of Push notifications plugins out there and they differ from each other. The features that you require will help you decide what will work best for you. Here are some of the things you should check before choosing a push notification plugin:

  • Check if offers customization.
  • Check if it offers analytics.
  • Check out he cost
  • Check if it is easy for you to use
  • Check if it requires your users to have an extra software in order to receive the notifications
  • Check out the devices and browsers it supports.

Recommended and most popular Push Notifications Plugins for WordPress.

  1. Push Connect Notify
  3. One Signal
  4. Push Up Notifications
  5. Chrome Push Notifications
  6. PushEngage

How to Create Push Notifications for your WordPress Site

Setting push notifications for a WordPress site is not rocket science. Just like most of the things on WordPress, this can also be accomplished by the help of a plugin. There is a huge variety of WordPress plugin that can provide you with this service. They all work in a similar fashion.

As soon as you are done with the installation and setup of plugin, any user who visits your website for the first time will be encouraged to opt into the notifications. If they decide to receive push notifications, they will be able to see it whenever you send them notifications.

Push notification reach people’s devices in the form of message and if they happen to click it, it will take them to your website. Most plugins offer you a choice as to which content you would like to promote using push notification. People have the liberty to opt out any time they want.

Some Challenges with Using Push Notifications

Everything has its pros and cons and so does using push notifications. The major setback it comes with is actually making people opt in for receiving notifications. Plugins that come with customizable opt-in pages are a plus in this matter. They allow you to make a user friendly pop up that doesn’t irritate your visitors.  Letting your users choose the categories of posts for receiving push notifications is beneficial. Just understand that people don’t like their time wasted in their busy schedules. You might just lose a subscriber if you do.

Another challenge is that you need send out the right amount of push notifications. Sending too few can make people forget you totally and sending out too much can irritate them. This is the reason plugins that provide you with analytics can come in handy and let you keep a check on what your target audience is most convenient with. The analytics let you the number of notifications you sent, the number of people who read, the number of people who converted into loyal readers and other things.

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5 Simple Tips to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Are you thinking about promoting your business through YouTube channel? You aren’t alone. YouTube is the leading video sharing website throughout the world and it has helped several businesses to flourish through its channels. To promote your business, you have to promote your YouTube channel. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be an expert to do so. There are simple tips that will increase your channel’s rating and you can earn a great deal out of it. But what are those tips? Have a look!

1) Make an Attractive Title


An attractive title does wonders for your promotion. However, keep in mind that too lengthy and irrelevant titles bore searchers. Your title should reflect your video content in a way that the searcher gets a quick idea in mind what the video entails. Similarly, avoid using a lot of words in the title; keep it as precise as possible because no one has time to read wordy titles. For instance, if your video is about the tips that will help in promoting a YouTube channel, you should only write “ways to promote YouTube channel” as your title.

2) Use of Thumbnails

Use of Thumbnails

Thumbnails show good results in terms of channel promotion. It enhances your video making process and attracts viewers to like it after watching. However, you should have a good graphical sense while choosing a thumbnail. Keep viewers in mind while choosing it and make it visually attractive.

3) Write a Suitable Description and Tag with Keywords


Since people are always running out of time, they usually read the short video description before watching. If it interests them, they go for it otherwise, they move to the next. Tips to write a description are same as those of making a title; keep it short and relevant. Avoid putting too much information and remain on point. Again, keep the demands of viewers in mind before writing and always put keywords in description.

Why is it important to add keywords? Google rating is the game of nothing but keywords. Correct keywords shoot up your position on the Google search engine and vice versa. First, learn which keywords will bring your rating up and then put them on.

Tags should be only one or two words. Again, take an example of the video title mentioned in the first step. For that video, your tags should be like YouTube, Promotion, Ratings, etc.

4) Share Your Video on Different Social Media Websites

Share Your Video on Different Social Media Websites

A struggle begins at home. Similarly, your promotion will also start with you. Once you are done uploading your video on YouTube, share it on your personal Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram profiles. No, it’s not blowing the trumpet, but it’s an effort you are doing to enhance your business. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues to watch and like your video. Having a few likes prior to someone’s visit creates a positive image of your business. Avoid delay in sharing because the more you delay, the more you lose the chances of promotion. There’s hell of a lot more competition in the market than you think. No one will wait around for your business to come up. So, be the first one to promote your work.

5) Carefully Edit Your Video


The first draft is always full of errors. Don’t be overconfident on the video you have made. After completion, watch it yourself and see what changes it needs. Again, keep viewers in your mind since you aren’t making the video for yourself. Your main target is to attract customers and make them buy from you. Remove irrelevant parts and long pauses from your video. Check for distractions if there are any and get rid of them. Don’t rush uploading it on YouTube; take enough time to edit it and upload the error free version only.


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6 Effective List Building WordPress Plugins To Grow Your Email List

Every website owner’s goal is to bring more traffic than there already is. We sure as hell you have already tried various means for this purpose. In this article, I am gonna tell you about the List Building WordPress Plugins to increase the growth of your email list. The successful bloggers and internet marketers give positive reviews about email list and find it one of the most effective ways of bringing people back to your site and generate leads or sales. Although there are several list building WordPress Plugins, but we have summed up for you the six best of all.

Optin Monster

Optin Monster

Are you a beginner in the website development world and looking for a simpler yet stylish plugin? Optin Monster should be your choice then. Everything here is at your fingertips; the built-in editor designs your forms in only a few minutes. Also, you will see quick popups that give you an opportunity to convert the left visitors. All you need to do is categorize your customers and use those pop-ups to capture emails.

It doesn’t end here! There is an optional two-step A/B testing, the results of which take you to a separate screen to look for email addresses. The price of Optin Monster starts from $49/year.


WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro

Well, you face a hell of financial constraints when you start a business, and the same is true with starting a WordPress website. The WP Subscribe Pro costs only $29 and offers several features to grow your visitors. What else do you need when you can have a great quality within your limited budget? The eye-catching designs and beautiful colors serve as icing on the cake for attracting visitors. The pop-up subscribe boxes are more preferable, but you can find impressive results with the pop-up animations and triggers as well.

What are the additional features of WP Subscribe Pro that make it unique? Have a look.

  • The amazing Cookie flushing is a unique feature of WP Subscribe Pro that helps you to wipe off the tracking so you can limit the targeting of customers and stop those you want to avoid.
  • This simple plugin has an option of customer coding with HTML that is yet another amazing feature to enhance your design. Also, there are shortcodes that take only a few seconds to spread your form through the entire website.


Popup Domination

Popup Domination

It is also a cheap plugin that offers some nice templates and once you opt it, you will find the support team quite helpful. Even though it isn’t much preferable, the force subscribers, page specific pop-ups, and super fast loading are the features that strengthen its position in the market. Since the use of mobile phones is common nowadays, the responsive designs offered by Pop Domination are pretty useful. It also guides its users regarding whether to stay or leave with its entry and exit pop-ups. All the designs are tested and proved and are available to enhance your branding needs.


Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

I have read surprising reviews of Thrive Leads. Most of the website builders have found it the best plugin because it is mobile-friendly, makes your site looks great, and have amazing features such as layout options and page builders. Let’s have a look at the features Thrive Themes offers

  • The page builder feature makes website creation ten times easier than the other plugins.
  • The themes are conversion focused, which means they are designed to sell more.
  • It enables you to remove/delete several plugins with a bundle of available features.
  • The A/B tested creation of Optin forms and landing pages within minutes.


WP Optin Boxes

WP Optin Boxes

It is so far the best and most effective way to grow your email list. It adds a feature box- a wide opt-in box for emails- to the homepage of your website. It encourages people to sign up to your website, which, in turn, brings more traffic. It has the highest opt-in rates and more emails than any other form on your site.



VideoPal Demo

VideoPal, its a cutting edge talking video avatar web-based application for website with human like text to speech voice technology. It interact with site visitors in ways that pop-ups, widgets, opt-in and other web conversion tools simply can’t. It allows you to reach out to your visitors and get their attention. Then, it helps them to take a certain desired action like get on your list, click a buy button, generate leads and more.

Choose from a wide selection of male or female avatars (live, 2D and 3D-animated) as well as 47 different voices, accents and over 24 languages. You can even use your own video and/or voice-overs to create your avatars and gives you the power to custom-create an avatar that will connect with your sites’ audiences.

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