Why being young shouldn’t matter for a business start up

Why being young shouldn’t matter for a business start up


Ever since the concepts ‘business’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ have been added to the English language, one question has been making rounds for centuries: what is the best age for finding and running a business start up? The answers surrounding this question focus on what is considered important in the business industry. For some, it is the young enthusiasm that brings about change and innovation and for others it is the experience that is vital. While this debate is ongoing, the fact is that being young does not matter for a business start up and should not stop you from venturing into the entrepreneurship experience.

Many young entrepreneurs have been able to make their mark in the business industry. One such shining example is that of Andrea Teichmannova who started her own company with a partner at a young age of 23. Her company provides services to foreigners, including immigration, accommodation, assistance and insurance.

It is a fact that starting a business at a young age has several stereotypical advantages. Young people tend to have a fresher approach and unlimited energy. While older entrepreneurs might have the expertise brought about by years of experience in the work field, they lack the ability to look at things with a fresh approach and may be inclined to employ redundant methods. They are also usually afraid of taking risks. On the other hand, a young entrepreneur loves to take challenges heads on and is not scared of anything. This is exactly what is needed to succeed in the business field. A classic example of this is found in the founders of the popular search engine Google, who set up the concept at the age of 25.

So if you are a young lad, looking forward to starting up a business, do not be afraid because age is just a number. It is your enthusiasm combined with the risk-taking attitude that makes all the difference in the business industry.

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