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Enjoy Steam Autumn Sale For Awesome Deals on Games

If you are into latest gaming platforms and specifically PC gaming then I hope you are aware of Steam and what it offers. Well, if you haven’t heard about Steam yet, then you’re in for a bigger treat. Steam is a PC game store like that retail game store in a market near you. But Steam is actually online and comes with a lot of benefits that includes a market place not just for games but also game items, ability to keep a backup of your purchased games, record screenshots, add friends and enjoy great sale on games. Go checkout

Our good buddy Steam comes with great sales every now & then. Be it weekends or seasonal festivals, Steam is ready to throw in treats while collaborating with game publishers. We all wait for these days when we can buy our favourite games in low prices.


Steam’s Autumn Sale has begun on 23rd November and will end on 29th November. But if you are more skeptical buyer and want to get more bang from your buck then wait for a month. Steam Winter Sale is expected to start from 22nd December 2016 and the awesome-game-buying-madness will go on till 2nd January 2017. By the way, this time, Steam is also introducing Steam Awards; our very own game Oscars, yeah?

After all this, we are sure that you will be staying inside, warm & cosy, enjoying kick ass gaming during the vacations & beyond. Have fun & avoid looking at your weeping wallet. 😀

BONUS: Steam Sales Countdown Timer

Yes there’s this sweet little website which lets you know when the next Steam sale is about to hit shelves. God help the fans who made this pretty little counter for all of us. I have bookmarked this link as I am always concerned about my wallet’s health during Steam sales. But I also don’t want to miss a good deal, HALP! Check this out: whenisthenextsteamsale

ONE MORE BONUS: Steam Database

Want to get some more in-depth look at Steam’s products, sales and much more. You can head over to this Steamdb and be dazzled.

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Go Be a Youtube Hero!

We always want that someone recognize our little random acts of heroism. Every day these acts of heroism go unnoticed like flagging an inappropriate video or reporting a cyberbully. It takes courage and hard work to be a hero, fight bad guys and report suspicious activity.

Well! Now YouTube is recognizing the efforts of heroes who keep YouTube a cool and happy place. The bravery and hard work will now be rewarded with special points that will open up perks for YouTube Heroes.

Head over to and go be a YouTube Hero!



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Transfer Files Between Multiple Cloud Storage From One Dashboard

Transfer Files   Between Multiple Cloud Storage From One Dashboard

Transfer your large data from Dropbox to SkyDrive in few seconds.

Whenever we change our home & go to another place, there’s one thing that bugs us the most i.e. moving our valuable and important stuff to new home. We find ourselves taking services from carriers who are professionally trained to carefully move our stuff from one place to another.

Have you ever come across the same problem but this time with your digital storeroom? I bet you do because Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive all have limited spaces which might get full someday. Or may be your files are spread out on several cloud storages & you want to sort them.

For instance, some of my family pictures were on Dropbox but most old albums were on skydive. The pictures I needed to transfer from Dropbox to SkyDrive were of almost 2 Gbs. I was neither in the mood nor I had the time to manually download and then re-upload them to new cloud storage. I wanted them to somehow magically transfer to SkyDrive. And that is exactly what happened.

I found a cloud storage transfer service which could transfer the files I wanted from one cloud storage to another. is a clean & easy web application which makes sure that you easily transfer (or as I’d like to call it, teleport) your files to the desired location.

You need to select source and destination in order to authorize to safely move your files between cloud storages. to seamlessly fetch your files and easily transfers to the location of your choice.

  • Step 1: Select Source
Select Source
Select source of the file you want to move.
Select the storage service of the file/folder you want to move.
Select storage service of the file/folder you want to move.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the file or folder you wish to move.
Selecting Connectors, Sources & Destination folders.
Source of the files you want to copy/migrate.
Source of the files you want to copy/migrate.
  • Step 3: Specify the folder where you want the selected files/folder to be moved.
Previewing your destination folder after migration of your files.

You can also tick-mark ‘place all files into a single .ZIP file in destination in order to create a .zip file of all your selected data from source.

Migrate - Zip - Copy
Start Copy

Step 4: Step back, relax and run your errands while makes sure that your files are securely transfered to the new location.

Mover Transfer Log

Bonus: You can set up more than one transfers & will be right on the task.

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Google Acquired Image Recognition Startup Moodstocks

Recognition methods have long been in use to connect elements of physical world with the digital realm. We often see instances of recognition in the form of Facebook’s tagging option, Apple’s Siri and Google’s image recognition in its Reverse Image Search etc.

You can search for a relevant item or its multiple presence over the internet by searching it via Google’s image search. Your friend’s tag recommendations also come up as soon as Facebook recognizes your friend’s face in an image. Moreover, other forms of recognition by a digital platform has revolutionized the we share information and react with our machines.

Google Acquired Image Recognition Startup Moodstocks 2
Google Acquired Image Recognition Startup Moodstocks 1

Image recognition helps us identify physical objects or its instances in the digital realm. Such recognition solutions help bridge gaps and aim to achieve some form of synchronization between digital and physical realm. Such solutions also help those who are in need of finding or identifying an object with the help of ginormous archive of digital data over the internet.

Google Acquired Image Recognition Startup Moodstocks 3

Google being forerunner of innovations in the digital field is leaving no stones unturned. Other than IBM & Amazon, Google is also among the leading ones to extensively work on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In light of that, Google has recently acquired Moodstocks, an instant smartphone image recognition startup to enhance their machine learning capabilities.

moodstocks-2 moodstocks-3

Moodstocks is “on-device image recognition” software for smartphones which will be phased out as it joins Google. Moodstocks’ statement reveals their purpose and objective behind development of an on-device image recognition smartphone application.

“Ever since we started Moodstocks, our dream has been to give eyes to machines by turning cameras into smart sensors able to make sense of their surroundings” Moodstocks

Checkout the image-recognition technology in action below:

By joining Google, Moodstocks will be highly resourceful for android users to accurately find objects via smartphones and make use of that information with ease. We can’t wait to get our hands on to it in near future.

Source: Moodstocks


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This Optical Illusion is Driving Everyone Crazy

Optical Illusions are amazing and mind-boggling as well. Your eyes show you one thing but your mind plays tricks on you to show something else. Lately I’ve seen an amazing optical illusion in which little rectangles look like cute circles in reflection. Or may be it is the other way around. We couldn’t figure our what it is, may be you can.

So what are these, rectangles or circles? See for yourself and let us know in the comments.

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion – “Rectangles & Circles”

This Optical Illusion is Driving Everyone Crazy



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Donald Trump’s campaign is the biggest prank of all time

Yeah! I am sure you have also wished Donald Trump’s campaign to be a joke, a dang good one.

Nothing in Mr.Trump’s campaign makes any sense, except to him I guess. Despite producing absurd solutions for serious problems, he manages to make all that noise. He not only thinks he’s the smartest person in the world, he acts about it like a spoiled little brat.

Donald Trump simply being a spoiled brat                                                                    Donald Trump boasts about his IQ

This makes us all think what if Donald Trumps’s campaign was the most elaborate prank of all time. What if Mr.Trump has hired a bunch of teenagers to run the most stupidest campaign in the history simply to mess with our minds.

And if it was all actually a grand scheme then may be it will look something like this:

Thanks to Cracked for making our wish come true even though for a short time.


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‘Kifi’ turns Bookmarking into Collective Learning

Even though we have many apps like Evernote, Pocket, Diigo & Xmarks however it is a hassle to find the one that suits your style & satisfies your needs. I have been a loyal user of Diigo to bookmark, annotate, share & collaborate. However I always yearned for a tool that allows me to share my bookmarks with others & see what others have been learning.

I recently stumbled upon a service called Kifi which has so far managed to figure out the right recipe for bookmarking and collective learning.


We have been bookmarking webpages with the click on a star button & saving webpage links in our browsers to later revisit when we need them.

With Kifi’s chrome extension, I now bookmark effectively because of its new seamless options to keep, share, annotate & collaborate in libraries.



You can ‘keep’ (bookmark) this article by clicking the heart that says ‘Keep it’. You can also send this to a friend via email or share this with a connection on Kifi. While ‘keeping’ articles, you can add notes for your reference as well as add tags to later find out this particular piece.



What’s missing from Pocket is the ability to learn from what others have bookmarked or share your bookmarks so that other can benefit from them.

With Kifi, you can share your favourite articles in a library with public so that anyone can see what amazing material you have been reading on that particular topic.


You may also invite a collaborator. Be it your friend, coworker or a pen pal who shares similar interests; together you can keep valuable finds in one place.


Collective Learning

Collaboration and learning from resources shared by others gave a new way of bookmarking web pages for information relevant to a group of people.

Kifi has a beautiful user interface, the ability to share bookmarks in respective libraries & see what others have bookmarked on different topics. It also enables a user to find a ‘keep’ in his own library as well as relevant keeps in others public libraries.



By typing “writing” I was able to see matching ‘keeps’ as well as relevant public libraries of other users.

Private Libraries

Kifi’s most beloved feature is the ability to have libraries private to yourself. You are working on a project and during research and you find valuable material but it is not something you want to share with public. You can simply create a private library & keep your project bookmarks in it, for your eyes only.


Interests & Recommendations

When you join Kifi, you are asked to specify your interests. You get to choose from a range of interests so that relevant articles are recommended on your feed or timeline.


When you open up your Kifi. You are welcomed by a feed of recommendations based on your keeps and searches. This feed may also contain items made by Kifi curators which you can choose to continue seeing or block.


Although Kifi has a lot to improve on its recommendation algorithm but this bookmarking powered collective knowledge base is helping me learn new things everyday. Kifi will reshape the way you bookmark and it will add more value to the whole process by allowing each other to share the amazing keeps.

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