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Enjoy Steam Autumn Sale For Awesome Deals on Games

If you are into latest gaming platforms and specifically PC gaming then I hope you are aware of Steam and what it offers. Well, if you haven’t heard about Steam yet, then you’re in for a bigger treat. Steam is a PC game store like that retail game store in a market near you. But Steam is actually online and comes with a lot of benefits that includes a market place not just for games but also game items, ability to keep a backup of your purchased games, record screenshots, add friends and enjoy great sale on games. Go checkout

Our good buddy Steam comes with great sales every now & then. Be it weekends or seasonal festivals, Steam is ready to throw in treats while collaborating with game publishers. We all wait for these days when we can buy our favourite games in low prices.


Steam’s Autumn Sale has begun on 23rd November and will end on 29th November. But if you are more skeptical buyer and want to get more bang from your buck then wait for a month. Steam Winter Sale is expected to start from 22nd December 2016 and the awesome-game-buying-madness will go on till 2nd January 2017. By the way, this time, Steam is also introducing Steam Awards; our very own game Oscars, yeah?

After all this, we are sure that you will be staying inside, warm & cosy, enjoying kick ass gaming during the vacations & beyond. Have fun & avoid looking at your weeping wallet. 😀

BONUS: Steam Sales Countdown Timer

Yes there’s this sweet little website which lets you know when the next Steam sale is about to hit shelves. God help the fans who made this pretty little counter for all of us. I have bookmarked this link as I am always concerned about my wallet’s health during Steam sales. But I also don’t want to miss a good deal, HALP! Check this out: whenisthenextsteamsale

ONE MORE BONUS: Steam Database

Want to get some more in-depth look at Steam’s products, sales and much more. You can head over to this Steamdb and be dazzled.

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10 Most Idiotic Video Games Ever Created

Video games or electronic games are developed for the motive of entertainment. There is roughly no body these days who has no interest in these games. As per gamers’ expectations and demands, video game developers work hard to build up more and more exciting games each year.

Today, with no offense to any developer or fans, we are going to go through a list of “10 Most Idiotic Video Games Every Created.”

1: Square’s Tom Sawyer (1989)

Square’s Tom Sawyer (1989)

This is a game based on Mark Twain’s “Adventures Of Tom Sawyer” novel. The game was developed and published by “Square Co. Ltd” and it was designed by Hiroyuki Ito.

The player has to control the lead role and his friends for finding a treasure. It never localized outside Japan, and criticized most because of one of its black characters had ridiculously huge lips.

2: Wayne’s World (1993)

Wayne’s World Game (1993)

The developer of this game is Radical Entertainment (Game Boy, NES). The game holds low-class design ever. The main character uses his guitar as a weapon against the monsters on the other planet. Sounds cool? Doesn’t look cool though.

3: Bible Adventures (1991)

Bible Adventures (1991)

This is a single player, Christian video game. It was developed and published by “Wisdom Tree” and “Color Dreams”. Its leading platforms include PC, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System & DOS.

All game levels have same gameplay with sloppy designs. Mostly ideas were copied and unlicensed. And unusually it never sold in video game outlets.

4: Playboy: The Mansion (2005)

Playboy The Mansion (2005)

It was developed by Cyberlore Studios and published by ARUSH Entertainment, Groove Games, Ubisoft (PAL).

This game’s goal is to build and decorate an empire for nothing. Its concept was close to “Sim 2” and had nothing else to offer other than nudity and a drama based name.

5: Razor Freestyle Scooter (2000)

Razor Freestyle Scooter (2000)

It was published by ‎Crave Entertainment and developed by Shaba Games, Crawfish Interactive. The game has a mission to fight with evils while attempting different scooters stunts. Outside of North America, it is an unlicensed game.

Game contained poor and low budget designs and horrible soundtrack which only made the game more horrific.

6: March of the Penguins (2007)

March of the Penguins game 2007

The game was developed by Skyworks Interactive, and published by Destination Software, Inc and based on a hit documentary. It’s a simple puzzle game, player help penguins, to reach their goals. 3D design and low-quality soundtracks are used.

7: McDonald’s Treasure Island Adventure (1993)

McDonald’s Treasure Island Adventure (1993)

It was introduced by Treasure Co. Ltd on McDonald concept. The player passes through an island with a treasure map and collects material for his McDonald franchise. But unfortunately because of freaky game levels and less screwed up audio it is here in idiotic games list.

8: Coca-Cola Kid (1994)

Coca-Cola Kid game

It’s a single player action and adventure based game. “Aspect Co” developed that game in 1994 and published by “Sega” in Japan. The player has to save its teacher, collect coins and drink Coca-cola for survival. It’s just another way to advertise the Coca-Cola brand with a sloppy gameplay.

9: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (1990)

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker game

It developed by Emerald Software and Keypunch Software in 1990 and published by “U.S. Gold”. Michael’s dance moves were used to rescue the children from a smuggler and his tunes used as soundtrack in the whole game.

Predominantly developer’s love for Michael Jackson was shown.

10: NSYNC: Get To The Show (2001)

NSYNC Get To The Show Stupid game

The game was developed for the promotion of a boy-band “NSYNC”. It has three difficulty levels which are not actually difficult, the player has to follow the instructions of the game like gather snacks, jump around and drive etc. According to user feedback, it’s just a childish puzzle game.

We love games and will bring most awesome game list as well, but for now these were the most idiotic games, according to our editorial staff.

If you disagree with this list, let us know in the comments section below.

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