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How to Index Your Apps on Google

Apple app store and Google Play Store keep on filling up more and more every single day. Did you know there are more than 3.1 million apps right now? So how do you increase the visibility of your apps among tons of apps out there? It is not an easy job to stand out of the crowd, no matter how flawless your app may be. It is no wonder that app store optimization has taken the app world by storm over the last few years. Ever heard of App Indexing? No, then you should. App indexing is a very LESS costly system that small businesses in particular can profit from. All you have to do is give it a bit of your time and effort to complete all the stages needed to reach your goal.


What is App indexing?

A little introduction wouldn’t hurt. So what does app indexing really do? When people enter a keyword related to your app with their mobile phones, Google can show your app on the top along with other websites in the list. This is what app indexing basically does. This service of Google makes users find your app in search results when using their mobile phones with an install button.

Clicking on this button will lead users to Google Play or App Store in case the user has not installed it or the Android/iOS app in case it is already installed. It doesn’t matter whether it is from Google Play Store or App store. It will allow you to increase your retention rate of registered user and increase your installs volume.

A Bit of its History

Let’s go back in history and get to know where App Indexing really came from. It was in October 2013 that Google app indexing was first launched, but it was available to only very few developers. It was not until June 2015 that it became open to all. Then Google went on to include support for iOS via Chrome in May 2015 and further announced support for app indexing within Safari in October 2015. However, it is compatible solely in devices with either iOS9 or above. Its final transformation took place this year when Google indexing became Firebase App indexing available for Android and iOS applications.

App indexing is an evolved version of traditional SEO as it has quiet some streaks of SEO. What you have to do is index the content of your apps in Google search so that the traffic gets distributed to your app. To make that possible, it was necessary earlier to have your web and app similar. However, that’s not the case anymore. Since the mid of November, native apps can be indexed even if they have no similarity with the web. Yet another wow factor is the ability to see an ‘App Streaming’ feature with your app contents. That means users can preview the app before making a decision to download it.

Benefits of App Indexing

The benefits of app indexing are huge. All it requires is some effort and time from your side in order to implant app indexing to your app. Here are six major benefits:

1) Improves your visibility on Google Search Mobile

If you have app-indexed your app, it will end up on the first page of search results and become easily discoverable to your users. Google displays your app description along with the app icon.

2) Improves advertising revenues

App Indexing and AdMob can go hand in hand to enhance the quality of targeted ads and increase your advertising revenue. If you have implemented app indexing strategy properly, you are bound to get better revenues. Usually, average app’s CPMs are more than web’s CPMs.

3) Increases browsing time

User experience is better in app compared to mobile web which translates into longer sessions.

4) Increases traffic of active users to the app

When app indexing causes users who have already installed the app return to your app, it actually means your brand has been reinforced. Your app usage has increased.

5) Increases CTR on Google search mobile results

What happens is when your user has installed your app and they attempt a search on google search, the result will be icon of the app. It is true that visual results only increase the chances of getting it clicked.

6) Increases amount of organic installs

If app indexing results in your user install the app, it only increases your installs and such cases result in high satisfaction. The install button for the app is displayed right beside the homepage search result giving the user the access to install your app.


How to Index Your iOS App On Google

1) App indexing service uses HTTP URL for iOS9. What does this mean? This means the developer has to follow some step in order to implement this support into his app. The developer needs to use UIApplicationDelegate protocol in order to open the right content of the app in cases user clicks a link that is displayed by Google in search results. In case you have already followed the steps to support universal links to your app, then you can skip this part. If not, then you have to add handling for universal links and make an app-to-site connection.

2) Now you need to form association between your app and the website. The Xcode requires apple-developer-associated domains entitlement for the purpose of listing every single domain associated with the app.  Next, you have to make a file called apple-app-site associated for every single associated domain.

3) After completing the setup for app indexing, you can test and check if you have successfully completed the steps. You can easily preview the search result on iOS. However, remember you cannot test universal links in Xcode simulator. In that case, you need to tap a universal link in Safari on your mobile device.

4) Now it is time to improve your app’s ranking. For that you need to offer high quality content in your app. Make sure you follow all the guidelines from google to come up with a well-designed app and have a responsive website. Only then, go on to measure the performance of your app.

How to Index Your Android App On Google

1) App Indexing for androids make use of HTTP URLs in order to display your users the content of your app. If you want to give your users a great experience, then you need to focus on the content that your user is likely to search.

2) Secondly, connect your app with your website. To do this, you have two options. You can either use Digital Asset Links that needs at least How To Index Your Android App On Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow or you can use Search Console. Google announced that you can make use of this service even if you don’t have a website provided you have a great content inside your app. In case you don’t have website that you can associate with your but you want to utilize App Indexing, you can simply fill a form and make a request for App Indexing solely for the app. It is known as Indexing App-Only content.

3) Now add intents to your android app. All you have to do is open your app in Android Studio and go to AndroidManifest.xml in order to add the intent filter for HTTP URL. You need to create intent filters and logic in order to handle deep link intents. In case you are confused, you can check out the well explained tutorial from Google for a better understanding.

4) Now you can give your user good content considering his search. It will be handy for developers to skim through samples from Google.

5) Your app is now ready to be uploaded on Google Play Store.

6) As an added step, you can make a noindex.xml file so that you can choose some pages of your app that you don’t want to be displayed in search results. Make sure you add its reference to AndroidManifest.xml.

7) If you want your already visited app pages in search autocomplete list, you are required to add the App Indexing API to your app. This comes with some steps that an android developer can easily handle, but in case of any confusion there is a complete tutorial provided by Google.

8) Testing your procedures is very important. Check out the official page which consists of a variety of testing methods.

9) Analyzing your performance is also a crucial step. For this, search analytics serves as an extraordinary tool

10) The best part is that Google offers its assistance on every single step and lets all the developer know how to create high quality content by providing them with important guidelines.

Common mistakes to avoid when implementing app indexing

Do you want everything to come out well? Then make sure you set up app indexing properly. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

  • As soon as the user reaches a content driven for app indexing strategy, make sure he has the freedom to step back without much hassle. Let things be easy for your users.
  • Make sure that the content you show in your app and the web should be either similar or identical. If they don’t go with each other, things can go awry. Remember you can fix it directly on the search console of your app.
  • The results page of Google’s autocomplete system displays a list containing titles about the content of apps. Do you want your app to appear in one of those titles? Then you need to make titles that are directly associated with the web content. If you don’t follow the guidelines properly, google may stop displaying your results in the autocomplete system.
  • Another thing you should be careful about is that if a user visits from app indexing, then that should take him directly to some content within your app. Make sure users don’t reach to an advertising message before they see your content.


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Everything you need to know about Asus ZenWatch

With the on-the-go convenience and the ease of access they offer, it’s no wonder that so many smartwatches are popping up in the market.

The Asus ZenWatch was particularly notable amongst smartwatches due to the fact that it’s in fact the first wearable device from Asus. The reasonable price tag of $200 and the attractive design of the smartwatch were enough to create quite the hype between android users and smartwatch fans everywhere.

Asus ZenWatch was particularly notable amongst said smartwatches

What is the ZenWatch?

The ZenWatch is a stylish smartwatch from Asus that allows you to interact with your smartphone and performs the basic range tasks that you’d expect of an android wear device. At a glance, the ZenWatch is elegant and stylish, featuring a 1.6 inch curved AMOLED screen, a robust yet sleek metallic builds and a graceful, interchangeable leather strap that you can get with a choice of three colours.

What is the ZenWatch

What the ZenWatch offers

Now that we’ve talked about what the ZenWatch is, let’s have a look at what it does. The ZenWatch features a range of handy features that you’d need on the go. Now without further ado, let’s quickly go over what the watch offers alongside its appealing $200 price tag.

The Display: Like all smartwatches out there, all you need to do is give it a flick and the screen lights up, giving you a glance at everything you need to know, including your phone’s notifications and of course, the time. The screen itself is reasonably bright and has a good contrast, as you’d expect from an AMOLED display. However, one thing that Asus could improve upon as far as the screen is concerned is the pixel density that it offers, as the current screen appears a bit pixilated as compared to those of competitors.

Health features: The ZenWatch also comes with a number of health functions that are pretty much a standard for smartwatches these days. The metal band around the watch doubles as a heart rate sensor that you just need to pinch between your thumb and index finger for a reading. Other than that, the pedometer present on the ZenWatch is very accurate in counting the footsteps you take throughout your day.

Everything you need to know about Asus ZenWatch

Voice commands: Smart watches are all about maximizing the accessibility you have to your Android device and the ZenWatch is no exception to that rule. The smartwatch is very responsive to voice commands, which is great news for those of us who are constantly busy and on the go. The voice input can be activated by the simple “Okay Google’’ phrase and then you can access any app that you need.

What the ZenWatch lacks

At $200, the Asus ZenWatch is definitely a good smartwatch to buy. However, there are a few things that the ZenWatch misses out on. For starters, the real estate on the watch’s face could have been better; there’s too much bezel on the side where we could’ve seen a bigger screen.

Another thing that the ZenWatch could improve upon is the way it fits around the user’s wrist. The strap itself is comfortable and secures itself shut well enough, however, a slightly more adjustable strap would have been a useful feature that could maximize the grip.

The good news is that most of these lacklustre features have been addressed in the new and improved ZenWatch 2.

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6 Life Changing Apps Ought To Make Wonder How You Ever Did Without Them

We live a life ruled by smartphones and they seem to have transformed the way we interact with the world around us. Until a couple of years ago, hiring a cab meant making several phone calls or perhaps getting out in the sun and waiting for one to drive by. But today, all it takes is a mere touch of a screen on an app and viola- your cab is at your doorstep in a matter of minutes. May it be paying your bills, tracking your menstrual cycle or ordering Chinese food, there’s an app for virtually everything! And here’s our list of 6 life changing apps that will improve your life in a variety of ways and make you wonder how you ever did without them!

TAB – Bill Splitting Made Easy

TAB- Bill Splitting Made Easy
If you’re someone who eats out a lot with friends and always ends up paying; solely because you find bill-splitting awkward and complicated, this is just the app for you and your lot! All you do is take a picture of the bill. Tab then analyzes the text and digitally adds each item to the app. So anyone with Tab can then join the bill tap their item(s). Even if multiple people split a communal dish, Tab can take that into account and split the bill accordingly.

(Free on IOS & Android)

Swackett – A Different Kind of Weather App
Swackett- A Different Kind of Weather App

There are hundreds of Weather apps out there, but Swackett is just a bit more than that! Unlike other run-of-the-mill weather forecast apps, Swackett doesn’t only convert complex weather data to easily-understood, visual weather reports designed for people of every age but also provides you with just the fashion fix you need for the day’s conditions; from footwear to accessories such as sunglasses or an umbrella- Swackett’s got you covered (literally).

(Free on IOS & Android)

Substitutions- Suggested Ingredient Replacements
Substitutions- app

We all know the sinking feeling of planning a scrumptious meal, only to realize that you are one ingredient short halfway through the cooking process. Instead of running down to the marketplace for a tea-spoon of butter, you can tap Substitutions for a quick suggested replacement for the ingredient. Moreover, the app also makes suggestions for vegetarian, gluten-free, or lower-fat substitutions.

($ 2.99 on IOS)

Clue – The Ultimate Period Tracking App Clue- The Ultimate Period Tracking App

The thing with Period tracking apps is that they are either very complicated, overly simplistic or too pink for one’s liking. But Clue is a gender-neutral Period/fertility tracking app that is not only well designed but easy to use with a ton of functionality. Other than calculating the fertility window, Clue also allows users to keep tabs on other hormonal changes taking place during their monthly cycle, such as low or high sex drive or PMT related symptoms such as low energy levels or insomnia. The app also lets users record when they had sex — useful data to correlate with your fertility window if you’re trying to get pregnant.

(Free on IOS & Android)

Hopper – Cheap Flight Booking at Your Fingertips
Hopper- Cheap Flight Booking at Your Fingertips

Air-fares and the stock market have one thing in common- They are really unpredictable! But with this app, you have one less thing to worry about. Hopper is a price prediction app that not only shows you the best time to fly to a particular destination but also the best time to buy air-tickets for that price. What’s even better is that you can click “Watch This Trip” and the app will send you notifications whenever the prices drop. Talk about convenience!

(free on IOS & Android)

AroundMe – A Must-Have Travel Assistant
AroundMe - A Must-Have Travel Assistant

If you are a travelling enthusiast, and often find yourself in unfamiliar towns, this is the app for you. AroundMe lets you find the nearest banks, coffee shops, cinemas and etc. wherever in the world you are. What’s more is that the app is very simple to use and goes a step further to point you in the direction of your desired local amenities.

(Free on IOS & Android)


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Sony is Planning to Bring PlayStation Games to Android and iPhone

Sony is Planning to Bring PlayStation Games to Android and iPhone

As of late Sony set up “Forward Works”, a division that is going to handle portable gaming. This will be Sony’s second cut in the versatile business, with the first being PlayStation Mobile . (In any case, we as a whole know how that turned out) Irony is naming your handheld gadget PS Vita and having it pass on faster than I can sort this sentence. (Vita signifies “Life” in Latin)

The PS Vita was one out of not very many gadgets that utilized Play Station Mobile.

The Independent reported this new organization will “convey new administrations towards the continually growing keen gadget market.”

Sony is Planning to Bring PlayStation Games to Android and iPhone 2
Sony Computer Entertainment (Which will be known as Sony Interactive Entertainment from April first onward) reported that Forward Works will utilize PlayStation’s Intellectual property in its versatile diversions.

It was expressed that Forward Works’ first titles would be gone for clients in Asia basically as the fundamental central station is situated in Tokyo, Japan. On the off chance that the outcomes turn out to be attractive Sony will then extend the idea to whatever remains of the world.

Sony is Planning to Bring PlayStation Games to Android and iPhone 3
Forward Works will be driven by At sushi Morita, SCE’s leader in Japan and Asia.Hopefully Forward Works will have the fancied reception PlayStation Mobile neglected to figure it out.

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This phone case lets an iPhone run Android

Nick Lee, a developer famous under his name for putting weird and wacky operating systems on Apple gadgets has after including Windows 95 on an iPhone, worked his way into bringing a full fledged version of Android to an iPhone, a very long shot though!
However this high tech advancement comes with a slight catch. You’d have to own a special, 3D-printed smartphone case to avail what Lee worked his technicalities for.

To make this work, Lee cloned the Android Open Source Project (ASOP) and accustomed a version of Android Marshmallow that he could run on a self bought board. Next up, he created a lightweight case enclosed in a 3D enclosure that he had got printed in the size of an iPhone. The case combined the board, a battery, a boost converter and a resistor. The first draft turned out to be not any less heavier than a brick and looked like something Phone stores would sell, say, 15 years ago or so.

This phone case lets an iPhone run Android

But after progressively working on the design, Lee slimmed it down to craft an enclosure not any larger than the usual smartphone battery case wherein he included HDMI openings, USB ports and an SD card slot. The YouTube demonstration pretty much explains the entire procedure including the slipping over on a light plastic sheet upon the components before the placement of the iPhone is done on top.

This phone case lets an iPhone run Android 2

Lee works as a CTO in Tendigi, a mobile design and development studio in Brooklyn and uses their IOS app to communicate with the case as well as load his customized Android version on an iPhone 6S’s display. No wonder he was able to boot Android by customizing the Tendigi App on the iPhone’s Home Screen.

The task took too many a days and practically fell over the edge, but the fascination to take up and look over the intricacies of the task was more than worth the time and effort.

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