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10 Silliest and Controversial Apple Apps Banned from iTunes

Owning the world famous apple iPhone is everyone’s dream. Apart from its catchy features, using apple apps is one of the most important reasons of owning iPhones. You can buy apps for anything at all, from losing weight to finding recipes or even for the prices of the latest cars. Apple has made our lives a hell of a lot easier than it was in the past. According to the last year’s statistics, apple offered more than 500,000 apps, out of which, iPhonies downloaded 100 million apps from the iTunes.

However, there are several apps that were banned from the apple store due to different reasons including sexually offensive, political concerns, and too partisan. Stick around to know the ten ridiculous iPhones apps that were shut down.

1. Beauty Meter

beauty meter

Reason: Sexually Offensive

This app was released for fun where users could upload their pictures for reviews and feedback from other app users. The critiques were given on face, body, or clothes. The person uploading the picture was rewarded from 1 to 5 stars, depending on how good or bad the picture was. It went fine in the beginning, but when a nude picture of a 15-year-old girl was spotted with 5,000 rates, Apple closed this app forever.

2. iBoobs

iBoobs banned app

Reason: Sexually Offensive

The most pathetic app Apple has ever introduced was iBoobs where women used to upload pictures of their breasts that were rated according to their gravity, mass, spring, firm, and back. It created havoc in many countries since it was easily accessible for the teenage girls, too. It couldn’t last long and was banned for promoting the sexual trend.

3. I am Rich

I am Rich banned app

Reason: Unknown

Some people dream to be rich while others desire only to appear rich. This app did nothing except showing a radiant red diamond on the phone’s screen that looked real. The app was worth $999.9 and don’t be surprised that eight people (six from the United States and two from Europe) actually bought this expensive ploy, dividing the money into $5,600 for the app developer and the remaining for Apple.

4. Me So Holy

Me So Holy banned app

Reason: Religious Concerns

The religious groups around the world came down hard on Apple with the release of this app. For me it was stupid of Apple, to be honest! What’s stupider than putting your head on the holy figures of different religions? It wasn’t fun of course and enraged almost all the religious groups because it mocked them all. Soon after the harsh criticism, Apple accepted it as objectionable content and banned it.

5. Herb Converter

Herb Converter banned app

Reason: Narcotics

It made the weed-takers and dealers to calculate every ounce of weed and convert them into grams. It helped sellers in their business dealings and consumers to know the amount they are consuming. The actual reason of banning was the unavailability of important features such as marijuana availability and prices. It could be improved, but Apple decided to ban it after the frequent complaints of stoners.

6. Prohibition: Dope War 2

Prohibition Dope War 2

Reason: Narcotics

All the oldies must know about the 1980s game, Drug Wars. This app was actually a modern version of that game and it was fun to play, too. Once downloaded, the user had to collect as much money as possible within 30 days through narcotics dealings. Apple realized after its launch that the title was too blunt to release in the market, and replaced the name with Candy Wars where the drug was substituted with candies.

7. Slash

Slash banned app

Reason: Offensive

This app was harmless and inoffensive, but what happened after its release took everyone’s breath away. The featured photo of this app was a knife and it actually played this crazy theme when users mimicked the stabbing action with their phones. The app was quickly shut down by Apple when some kids were found stabbing in U.K. Yeah, it seems crazy, but I bet you would end up doing the same if you had used this app.

8. Obama Trampoline

Obama Trampoline banned apps

Reason: Politician’s Defamation

Even though this app was nasty, it was cool to play around. The user was allowed to choose one politician out of the 18 given. It also featured the bottomless caricature of Bill Clinton that was pretty much offensive. The user had to bounce him/her off the Oval Office (trampoline). The target was to pop the balloons floating in the Oval Office with the head of the figure chosen. The app was blocked by Apple, given the reason of public figure’s defamation.

9. Puff

Puff banned app

Reason: Sexually Offensive

It’s actually sad to know Apple has launched a number of sexual apps in the past. There also came a point when people started criticizing Apple for this reason, and the release of app Puff was one of those times. It featured a beautiful Japanese girl and the user could actually peek into her skirts by blowing into the microphone. The same could be done by swiping the screen rapidly. If you blew harder, the girl could shriek, too.

10. Baby Shaker

Baby Shaker banned app

Reason: Infanticide Promotion

It was a nasty idea to stop the baby on screen from crying by rigorously shaking your phone until the two prominent red marks appear on eyes. It could harm the phone and the child protection groups showed severe anger and expressed extreme disapproval over the release of this app. It didn’t take long for Apple to throw this app into the waste bin.

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Free Android Apps That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

This world is a strange place. I almost didn’t believe my brother when he told me that there is actually an Android app that lets you keep a poop log. Yes, you read it right. Who in the world would be crazy enough to create such an app? Here is a list of some more android apps that you won’t believe actually exist. Let us warn you! They are the silliest, dumbest and strangest of the lot.

Sleep Sheep


If you have ever had insomnia, you must have heard of counting sheep jumping over the fence to help you sleep. Well, somebody realized that manual sheep counting is too much of a fuss. Here is this app known as Sleep Sheep which counts the sheep on your behalf. It also gives you a graphic view of the sheep jumping over the fence. Happy sleeping.

Pimple Popper


Yes, this app actually does exist. Did you develop a pimple and have to resist popping it? Don’t worry because the Pimple Popper game app lets you pop all kinds of pimples – even the squishy and the crusty ones. I am so excited.



Now who in their right minds would actually download an app to drink a fake free beer when they can go out and buy a real one? If you think you might take pleasure in tilting your phone and drinking the free beer that this app has to offer, download it right away.

I Am Rich


This app called ‘I Am Rich’ was once offered for $1000 at the App Store. Its only purpose was to display a red colored gem on the screen. Here is the craziest part: eight people actually bought this useless app until Apple decided to pull it down. Now this app is available on Google Play for free. Totally pointless!

Lick the Icicle


This app is a life saver for all those people who wish to lick their smart phone screen and are somehow being hindered from doing that. You don’t need to actually lick the smart phone screen though. This app allows you to lick it virtually by using your touch only. I would say it is a great time waster. Also, look forward to our next post on how to clean your tablet/phone if you plan to download this app.



This is for all the people who think farts are musical and totally fun. If you love the way different farts sound, this app is a Godsend for you. With a number of fart sounds to choose from, this app takes the android app concept to a whole new level!

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6 Life Changing Apps Ought To Make Wonder How You Ever Did Without Them

We live a life ruled by smartphones and they seem to have transformed the way we interact with the world around us. Until a couple of years ago, hiring a cab meant making several phone calls or perhaps getting out in the sun and waiting for one to drive by. But today, all it takes is a mere touch of a screen on an app and viola- your cab is at your doorstep in a matter of minutes. May it be paying your bills, tracking your menstrual cycle or ordering Chinese food, there’s an app for virtually everything! And here’s our list of 6 life changing apps that will improve your life in a variety of ways and make you wonder how you ever did without them!

TAB – Bill Splitting Made Easy

TAB- Bill Splitting Made Easy
If you’re someone who eats out a lot with friends and always ends up paying; solely because you find bill-splitting awkward and complicated, this is just the app for you and your lot! All you do is take a picture of the bill. Tab then analyzes the text and digitally adds each item to the app. So anyone with Tab can then join the bill tap their item(s). Even if multiple people split a communal dish, Tab can take that into account and split the bill accordingly.

(Free on IOS & Android)

Swackett – A Different Kind of Weather App
Swackett- A Different Kind of Weather App

There are hundreds of Weather apps out there, but Swackett is just a bit more than that! Unlike other run-of-the-mill weather forecast apps, Swackett doesn’t only convert complex weather data to easily-understood, visual weather reports designed for people of every age but also provides you with just the fashion fix you need for the day’s conditions; from footwear to accessories such as sunglasses or an umbrella- Swackett’s got you covered (literally).

(Free on IOS & Android)

Substitutions- Suggested Ingredient Replacements
Substitutions- app

We all know the sinking feeling of planning a scrumptious meal, only to realize that you are one ingredient short halfway through the cooking process. Instead of running down to the marketplace for a tea-spoon of butter, you can tap Substitutions for a quick suggested replacement for the ingredient. Moreover, the app also makes suggestions for vegetarian, gluten-free, or lower-fat substitutions.

($ 2.99 on IOS)

Clue – The Ultimate Period Tracking App Clue- The Ultimate Period Tracking App

The thing with Period tracking apps is that they are either very complicated, overly simplistic or too pink for one’s liking. But Clue is a gender-neutral Period/fertility tracking app that is not only well designed but easy to use with a ton of functionality. Other than calculating the fertility window, Clue also allows users to keep tabs on other hormonal changes taking place during their monthly cycle, such as low or high sex drive or PMT related symptoms such as low energy levels or insomnia. The app also lets users record when they had sex — useful data to correlate with your fertility window if you’re trying to get pregnant.

(Free on IOS & Android)

Hopper – Cheap Flight Booking at Your Fingertips
Hopper- Cheap Flight Booking at Your Fingertips

Air-fares and the stock market have one thing in common- They are really unpredictable! But with this app, you have one less thing to worry about. Hopper is a price prediction app that not only shows you the best time to fly to a particular destination but also the best time to buy air-tickets for that price. What’s even better is that you can click “Watch This Trip” and the app will send you notifications whenever the prices drop. Talk about convenience!

(free on IOS & Android)

AroundMe – A Must-Have Travel Assistant
AroundMe - A Must-Have Travel Assistant

If you are a travelling enthusiast, and often find yourself in unfamiliar towns, this is the app for you. AroundMe lets you find the nearest banks, coffee shops, cinemas and etc. wherever in the world you are. What’s more is that the app is very simple to use and goes a step further to point you in the direction of your desired local amenities.

(Free on IOS & Android)


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11 Free iPhone only Apps that will make your Android buddy jealous

A best aspect regarding owning an iPhone is that you get a considerable measure of the most up to date applications first before they land on Android.

It may not be reasonable, but rather it’s an incredible advantage for iPhone clients.

You can appreciate the best travel applications, exclusives from Instagram and Adobe, and effective photograph applications.

In these 11 Free iPhone only apps, you are ensured to discover something new — simply don’t boast a lot to your buddy with Android phones.

Hitlist curates the best travel deals for you.

Hitlist curates the best travel deals for you.

Hitlist is a trek booking application that spares you cash by letting you know when the best time is to travel while giving you distinctive destination alternatives.

However, the issue with numerous applications is that they constrain you to invest a particular effort and spot. Hitlist works by giving you a cluster of better places and times, expanded to spare you cash.

Fresh Air is a beautiful weather app.

Fresh Air is a beautiful weather app

Outside Air is a flawless climate application that underlines visuals with its moderate climate diagram. You can look forward so as to perceive how the climate will be later on, and it additionally interfaces with your timetable application to give you figures on up and coming arrangements.

NYT Now is a brilliant and free news app.

NYT Now is a brilliant and free news app.

The New York Times has made one of the best news applications with NYT Now. There’s a whole group at The Times that is in charge of ensuring that it is always redesigned with not simply breaking news — and highlights — from the distribution, additionally with highlights from different news outlets. What’s more, the good to beat all is its effectively edible breakdowns of the day’s news highlights.

Overcast magically erases the pauses in podcasts so you can listen faster.

Overcast magically erases the pauses in podcasts so you can listen faster.

Cloudy is the best application for listening to podcasts and, because of a major new redesign, it’s free. This implies you can access “keen rate” — which takes away delays to accelerate the podcast — voice help, and downloading on the cell system.

Photoshop Fix brings powerful photo-editing tools to your phone for free.

Photoshop Fix brings powerful photo-editing tools to your phone for free.

Photoshop Fix is another standalone application from Adobe that severs a number of Photoshop’s modifying abilities and offers them to you for nothing. You can do things like smooth or hone “objects” — think skin — or utilize the “condense” instrument to reshape any region as though it were fluid.

Paper is the best sketching app for iPhone.

Paper is the best sketching app for iPhone

Paper for iPhone is an application that extends the thought of what “taking notes” implies on your phone.

You can utilize it to make everything from records to presentations that incorporate outlines and diagrams. It essentially interprets the experience you have composing on “paper” to your phone — bringing back all the assignments that more customary note-taking applications need.

Giphy Cam helps you make insane GIFs out of everyday moments.

Giphy Cam helps you make insane GIFs out of everyday moments.

Giphy Cam is another application that resemble Photo Booth, on Mac PCs, for making GIFs.

You pick channels and foundations — like flying tacos or hallucinogenic twirls — and afterward hit the record catch to make your own GIF. You can then spare it to your phone or post it to online networking so your companions can respect your GIF diversion.

“Mr Jump” is the new “Flappy Bird.”

Mr Jump is the new Flappy Bird

“Mr Jump” is an enchanting platformer that strolls the almost negligible difference amongst addictive and troublesome. You control Mr Jump as he bounces his way crosswise over gulch gaps and jumps over spikes, and the most recent extension presents new levels and another plane pack capacity.

Hyperlapse from Instagram transforms your shaky footage into a stunning time-lapse.

Hyperlapse from Instagram transforms your shaky footage into a stunning time-lapse.

As of not long ago, to make smooth time-slip recordings, you required costly tripods and adjustment gear. Fortunately, Hyperlapse from Instagram utilizes its picture adjustment strategies to smooth out unsteady footage, and the outcomes are great. It’s incredible for catching games minutes, auto rides, climate, swarms, and adventures by walking.

Litely is great for adding subtle filters.

Litely is great for adding subtle filters.

Litely is an effective photograph application for adding unobtrusive channels to your photographs, giving them a film-like tone. You can tap the screen with two fingers to see what your photograph looked like before including any presets, and the application’s nondestructive altering highlights imply that you never need to stress over losing your unique.

Pedometer++ is a great way to keep track of your daily fitness.

Pedometer++ is a great way to keep track of your daily fitness.

Pedometer++ is ideal for monitoring your day by day action and wellness objectives with a speedy look. There’s two brisk approaches to check your day by day progress. You can swipe down and see the Pedometer++ gadget in your iPhone’s Notification Center, or you can check the small red identification on the application symbol, which shows your present strides.

“Afterpulse” is a gorgeous new shooter for iOS.

Afterpulse is a gorgeous new shooter for iOS

“Afterpulse” is a third-individual shooter that keeps on obscuring the line among portable and console-amusement illustrations. In case you’re an aficionado of recreations like “Honorable obligation” and “Riggings of War,” then you’ll adoration “Afterpulse’s” quick pace and online multiplayer matches.

The amusement additionally takes a shot at Apple TV, so on the off chance that you like to diversion with a physical controller rather than touch-screen controls, then you can utilize one of Apple’s affirmed Bluetooth controllers for a slight high ground.

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