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Pokémon Go – It’s All the Rage! And here’s everything that you need to know about it.

Pokémon Go - It’s All the Rage! And here’s everything that you need to know about it.

If you’ve recently been on the internet or even out for a stroll in the park, chances are that you’ve already noticed a game by the name of Pokémon Go taking the world by storm. Since its release, tens and thousands of people around the globe have succumbed to the phenomenon. And if you’re someone to whom the name Pokémon is unheard of, you’ve probably raised an eyebrow or two at the flocks of players (read Pokémon trainers) armed with smartphones rummaging through streets, parks, rivers and national heritage sites in quest of virtual creatures called Pokémon. You might have wondered what the hell is going on, and here’s exactly everything that you need to know!

The Origin Story

Pokémon is a Nintendo franchise that has its genesis in mid-1990’s when Nintendo first published Pokémon Red and Green in Japan. It took off from there and the world of Pokémon and the franchise itself progressively grew through the decades. In the Poke-world, “Trainers” embark on a journey to catch monsters called Pokémon and use them to battle each other. As the franchise suggests, a trainer’s ultimate goal is to become a Pokémon master by catching ‘em all, and there-by defeating Gym leaders and the Elite Four.

What is Pokémon Go?

Every 90’s kid’s dreams turned to reality on July 6th 2016 when Niantic Labs released Pokémon Go – the latest and greatest installment of the Pokémon franchise in form of an augmented reality mobile game. And just days after its official release the application has already exploded in popularity and broken all records with millions of downloads worldwide; in turn adding $9 Billion in value to Nintendo’s stocks. Available for free on the IOS and Android App stores, the game pretty much makes use of the same concept as its predecessors on Nintendo’s handled consoles and the goal still invariably remains to catch ‘em all. However what’s revolutionary is the augmented reality, where trainers interact with real world objects to progress farther into the game.

The game makes use of the phone camera, GPS and clock to mix real world and game-play and present an augmented reality experience like no other. So if you are by the lake, you are more than likely to encounter water-type Pokémon, whereas strolling through parks and fields will lead you to more grass and bug-type Pokémon. Similarly, the dark of the night reveals more ghost and fairy type Pokémon’s that you can locate using your phone camera. Which means that you actually have to get on your feet and go around looking for Pokémon’s and explore the real world. This may explain the flock of entranced millennials and kids that you’ve probably noticed snooping around the neighborhood with their phones. The game also has Gyms and PokeStops often marked by real world locations such as monuments and churches; creating spots for trainers to meet and duel. Gyms are where trainers can battle gym leaders and gain experience. Whereas PokeStops are like digital shops where trainers use real money to buy items and supplies to help them level up in the game and catch rare Pokémons.

Why Is the Game So Massively Popular Today- 20 years from its genesis?

Simply put, the reason behind the Pokemon Go’s sensational popularity is that every 90’s kid with a Nintendo or Pokémon cards had been patiently waiting for this day to come. It taps into their nostalgia and is an embodiment of all the childhood dreams. The game is also free to download which makes it all the more accessible to people of all ages.

What’s Niantic and Google got to do with Pokemon Go?

John Hanke is the mastermind behind the Pokémon Go. He launched Niantic Lab in 2010 as a google funded startup to create game layer on maps. It was in 2014 that Google and Pokémon first partnered with Niantic Lab for an April fool’s Day joke, which allowed Google Maps users to spot Pokémon’s on the map. It was a viral hit and gave John the idea of turning that April fool’s day joke into an actual game someday- Fast-forward 3 years from then and we have the massively popular Pokemon Go breaking all application records left, right and center.
Go Catch ‘em All

What’s Niantic and Google got to do with Pokemon Go

Now that you’ve read through this post and have learned everything that there is to know about Pokémon Go, perhaps it’s time you give the app a shot and embark on your own Pokémon journey and travel far and wide, meet new people and become a Pokémon master you never thought you could be.
And always remember, Gotta Catch ‘em All!

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Creating Chatbots is as easy as ABC with Massively.ai

Chatbots are the new black in the tech world. From social-media giants like Facebook to popular messaging apps like KIK, every tech company is head over heels to hop on this raving bandwagon.

Creating Chatbots is as easy as ABC with Massivelyai

But what exactly are Chatbots and why are they all the rage?

Chatbots are simple artificial intelligence systems that one can interact with via texts. The Raison d’êtreis to simulate mano a mano human conversations and interactions with them can range from executing simple tasks like asking the bot to book you an Uber cab, or a more complex one, like having it troubleshoot a problem with your internet connection.  According to a TechCrunch article, Chatbots provide “Some advanced type functionality in a fairly easy fashion.” And this is perhaps what makes them so popular; Popular enough to give apps a run for their money and potentially replace many of them in the near future.

Massively.ai takes Chatbots to the next level

Massively.ai is an exceptional bot developer platform which aims to empower anyone to begin developing and instantly deploying chat bot solutions anywhere that messages can be sent and received- SMS, Kik, Wechat, Messenger, Twitter, you name it! The best part is that you don’t have to be a computer coding prodigy or burn a hole in your pocket, to create your own Chatbot. The ready-to-use Massively bot-developing toolkit is open to all users for free and doesn’t require any programming experience to be accessed. It encourages developers to experiment with its resources and let their creativity run wild. And that’s what makes creating bots with Massively.ai fun but as easy as ABC.

Give your brand the push it needs with Massively.ai Chatbots

What’s Massively’s secret sauce?

One-to-One at Massive Scale, Massively.ai gives its developers the ability to create high-engagement DIY bots for any messaging platform. But the secret sauce to Massively’s commendable success is its robust data analytics program, which uses information collected from user responses and choices to fine tune campaigns and furnish insight to clients. Which is to say that it tracks campaigns, optimizes in a heartbeat and measures growth in real-time.

Massively.ai takes Chatbots to the next level 1 Massively.ai takes Chatbots to the next level 2 Massively.ai takes Chatbots to the next level 3

Give your brand the push it needs with Massively.ai Chatbots!

Chatbots are not only a probable replacement for apps, but also a great way of marketing your brand. From its launch in 2014, Massively.ai has executed many successful campaigns for brands like Insidious Chapter 3, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Degrassi: Next Class and Indianapolis Colts, amongst others.  In the case of Degrassi: Next Class for instance, the Chatbot integrated into Kik messenger allowed the shows young fans to take a Degrassi based personality quiz and get exclusive sneak peeks at the characters and plot points from the show. Furthermore, supporting the launch of Insidious Chapter 3, Massively’s interactive story telling Chatbot reached 16 million interactions and sent some serious chills down Insidious fans’ spines. Inspired by the idea that the fans want to chat with the characters they love, these campaigns created quite a stir and their success is a glistening example of just how interesting and human like interactions with Massively.ai Chatbots can be.

Are bots taking over the world?

Are bots taking over the world

Although Chatbots are still in the infancy of their revolution, given the tremendous potential they hold, they are likely to take over the world. May it be promoting emerging businesses, marketing a big movie franchise, ordering pizza, or having a lighthearted conversation with, there’s a Massively.ai bot for everything. So maybe you should give it a shot and become a Massively bot creator, let your creativity run wild and create and deploy your very own Chatbots!

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SpaceX Fan Guy Replicate Falcon 9 Landing in a Swimming Pool

A hobbyist built a tiny working model of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and successfully land it in a swimming pool. The “rocket” is built around a stripped down Blade Inductrix 200, using a variety of model rocket and custom parts. The legs deploy in flight, and got a removable “Flame” that can be attached.

SpaceX Fan Guy Replicate Falcon 9 Landing in a Swimming Pool


SpaceX Twitter account acknowledged his work and we hope Elon Musk will invite him on the next launch.

SpaceX Fan Guy Replicate Falcon 9 Landing in a Swimming Pool tweet



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New and Old Logos of 40 Fortune 500 Companies

Branding is not long standing, every top notch company has to change their branding time to time to keep standing in the corporate world and to keep engaging and attract more customers. The major and first thing companies start tweaking their branding is their logo, which is the face of any brand. Here is the compiled list of new and old logos of 40 Fortune 500 companies.

1) AdidasAdidas old and new logo

2) Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems old and new logo

3) Amazon.com

Amazon old and new logo

4) Apple

apple old and new logo

5) AT&TAt&t old and new logo

6) AudiAudi old and new logo

7) British Airways

British Airways old and new logo

8) Burger King

Burger King old and new logo

9) CanonCanon old and new logo

10) Coca ColaCoca Cola old and new logo

11) DellDell old and new logo


12) DiscoveryDiscovery Channel old and new logo


13) FedExFedex old and new logo


14) Firefox

Firefox old and new logo

15) Ford

Ford old and new logo

16) GoogleGoogle

17) IBMIbm old and new logo

18) KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

KFC old and new logo

19) Lay’sLay’s old and new logo

20) legoLego old and new logo

21) MazdaMazda old and new logo

22) McDonald’sMcdonald’s old and new logo

23) MicrosoftMicrosoft old and new logo

24) MTVMtv old and new logo

25) MTV
Nestle old and new logo

26) Nintendo

Nintendo old and new logo

27) NissanNissan old and new logo

28) NokiaNokia old and new logo

29) Pepsi Cola

Pepsi old and new logo

30) PlayboyPlayboy old and new logo

31) P&G (Procter & Gamble Co)Procter And Gamble old and new logo

32) SamsungSamsung old and new logo

33) Shell Shell old and new logo

34) StarbucksStarbucks old and new logo

35) TwitterTwitter old and new logo

36) VisaVisa old and new logo

37) Volkswagen
Volkswagen old and new logo

38) WalmartWalmart old and new logo

39) Walt DisnepWalt Disney old and new logo

40) XEROXXerox old and new logo

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Photon Robot- A Robot that grows with your child

Photon Robot- A Robot that grows with your child 3

A decade or two ago, we as children could only but dream of having a robot playmate; drawing our fantasies from futuristic TV shows like The Jetsons and Futurama. However rapid technological advancements have allowed today’s children to live our childhood fantasy. Today, these robots for kids are perhaps some of the most cutting-edge products available on the market and according to US Scientists, they are not only fun playmates, but also have the potential to be a resourceful aide to education and teaching kids about social interactions.

Photon Robot- A Robot that grows with your child - code

Developed to teach kids how to code, Photon is one such phenomenal robot that promises to grow with your child. The automan stands about 2 feet from the ground and resembles a small dog, with its illuminated eyes and antennae sprouting from the top of its head. Photon is equipped with multiple sensors that allow it to see, hear, feel the touch, distinguish between light and dark, measure proximity and thereby enable it to better interact with its environment and offer various features, which are unlocked along with the child’s development.

The team of engineers behind Photon believe that children tend to spend excessive amount of time using smartphones and computers to no productive avail. Therefore, the thought behind Photon is to provide children with an educational solution in the form of a playful companion that fosters logical thinking and problem solving skills. Although Photon seems to present an enjoyable experience for people of all ages, it was made keeping elementary school children in mind. Which is to say that the entire Photon experience is shaped together with a group of children of ages 6-12, so that it perfectly fits their abilities, needs and expectations. Furthermore, USC studies document that kids with ASD actively interact with robots, Photon therefore has the potential to be a phenomenal aide to classroom education that makes learning a fun experience for all children.

Photon Robot- A Robot that grows with your child 2

The lively robot encourages interactive learning and therefore, young users can communicate with Photon using commands on a paired Photon application adjusted for both smartphones and tablets. Here children are introduced to Photon’s story- a tiny intergalactic robot from a galaxy far, far away, whose spaceship collided with an asteroid and crash landed on earth. By completing coding tasks, children must help him regain his senses and mend his spaceship, so that one day Photon can safely return to his home planet. The robot uses a programming language inspired by Scratch and Google Blocky, which makes it simple and comprehensible by even the youngest of minds.Furthermore, Photon allows children the flexibility to program their own robot, at their own pace, which adds an air of individuality to each robot.

Photon Robot- A Robot that grows with your child - kids

Coding is perhaps the most rewarding and sought after skill of the 21st century. And Photon was made to help young learners to step into the world of coding. It is expected that over the next ten years there will be about 1.4 million programming jobs and only four hundred thousand graduates in computer science. Undoubtedly, high technological literacy will become a necessity for future generations, and Photon therefore hopes to encourage children to discover new horizons and bridge this gap in the future. But more than anything, it hopes to make children’s first steps in the world of fast emerging technologies accessible, pleasant and, fun!

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How Sony PlayStation VR will be better than Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality is a computer technology that mimics the real life by creating an immersive expression of an interactive 3D environment. It gives a feeling of being part of a computer generated world through head mounted devices i.e. HMD. These HMDs are placed on the user’s eyes, thus whatever they see follows them. Users head and body motions are translated in a three-dimensional world for the interaction. Soon eye movement tracking will also be used to do further operations. It is the next generation of traditional PCs and laptops.

The concept of VR hits almost ten years back and now developers are using it to revolutionize gaming and entertainment for users. VR competitors like Oculus Rift and HTC have set the standard quite high by giving best experience of 3D world which requires high computing power. They require serious PC hardware to power properly, thus making the whole gaming package quite pricey.


The main panic was created by Oculus Rift in VR gaming, but couldn’t receive up to the mark response from the users. The design provides a sitting experience where only user’s head movement is tracked. Also Oculus Home acts as a library of game, as major standout games are yet to be released. Also Oculus users complain more about the motion sickness issue.

Sony PlayStation VR will be more hit than Oculus and Rift2

HTC has been leading the VR world by providing the main sensation of Lighthouse room tracking in HTC Vive. The package contains more materials than Rift, including two proprietary controllers, and two “base stations” which helps in tracking the user’s entire body movement in their room. It allows the user to freely move about with the headset on, placing your entire body in the VR world. This feature is enabled by mounting the sensors in your surroundings, thus making it much pricier than Oculus Rift. Also, this setup requires enough room for this experience which makes it quite unpractical.

Sony PlayStation VR will be more hit than Oculus and Rift3

But with the announcement of Sony’s PlayStation VR on-sale date, there are chances that it will create a benchmark in the VR market. It is offering low price as compared to the entire available competitor’s VR which makes it more attracted to the users. But the low price will come up with the trade-off in the technology obviously i.e. VR experience will not be up to the standards of its competitors. But its compatibility to operate on Sony’s existing PlayStation 4 gaming console allows it to target the huge potential base. All the PlayStation holders can easily switch to VR. These factors make it quite distinct over HTC and Oculus. But Sony has to work hard to increase the number of games to keep the PlayStation a hit for the long time in the VR market.


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10 Interesting Facebook Messenger ChatBots

Here is the list of 10  handy and interesting Facebook Messenger ChatBots you can use in your daily life to make it easy.

1) Chatible


With Chatible you can Anonymously chat with strangers on Facebook Messenger. Just go to their Facebook Page and send message.


2) GymBot


GymBot is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that tracks your gym training training.

Step 1

Just click on ‘Go to messenger’ and click the get started button. The bot will explain it’s usage.

Step 2

Track your stats with simple commands like ‘Butterfly 30/15/3’. It will store your progress in it’s database.

Step 3

You can always access your statistics. Just type ‘stats’ and it will lead you to your personal statistics page.


3) BargainBot


Save money and Send BargainBot barcodes or photos of the products to find the cheapest prices.


4) Job Pal

Job Pal

With Job Pal you can Chat and apply directly for jobs from within Messenger


5) Digg on Messenger

Digg on Messenger

Digg chatbot Discover and share the best of the web on Facebook Messenger.


6) Flight tracking bot

Flight tracking bot

Flight tracking bot that helps you track your flights.


7) Jarvis

remind you to get stuff done.

This Amazing Facebook chat bot Jarvis is like your someone close who remind you to get stuff done.


8) WTF is that?

Send WTF is that chatbot a picture of any object and we will tell you what it is

Send WTF is that chatbot a picture of any object and we will tell you what it is.


9) Invisible Girlfriend

Invisible Girlfriend

Evidence that you have a girlfriend, even if you don’t. Invisible Girlfriend is an amazing Facebook Chatbot builder where you can craft a digital version of a real girlfriend without a baggage 😉


10) Music Rover

Music Rover

Music Rover Messenger bot discover music you will love. Music Rover aims be your music companion forever, always ready to respond to you right from your messenger. There is no human intervention involved in the recommendations and so the responses are instant.



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Operate on Donald Trump with Surgeon Simulator

Operate on Donald Trump with Surgeon Simulator

In this new redesign pack for the Surgeon Simulator amusement, you assume the part of a temperamental gave specialist who must perform heart surgery on Donald Trump. The engineer has included a semi political component by permitting you, the player, to cast votes: Should Trump’s heart be supplanted with a kind nature or an unfeeling nature? Then again, perhaps you simply need to push a container of Trump brand vodka inside his middle.

Operate on Donald Trump with Surgeon Simulator 2

The player’s decisions are really checked and showed on Surgeon Simulator’s site, and as you may have speculated, stone heart is ahead of the pack .

Operate on Donald Trump with Surgeon Simulator 3

Specialist Simulator was discharged in 2013 by Bossa Studios, and is accessible for download on Steam. The amusement, in spite of being somewhat monotonous and short, is getting an enormous measure of the scope, and We Play Videos have been transferred by gaming juggernauts, for example, PewDiePie and Captain Sparklez. Past redesigns for Surgeon Simulator incorporate Alien Autopsy and Eye Operations. Look at the trailer beneath.

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If Apps were Anime Characters

Imagine if your favorite apps and softwares were look like anime  characters.

Firefox Anime

Firefox Anime


Photoshop Anime

Photoshop Anime


Skype Anime

Skype Anime


Notepad Anime

Notepad Anime


Microsoft Excel Anime

Microsoft Excel Anime


Microsoft Word Anime

Microsoft Word Anime


Microsoft PowerPoint Anime

Microsoft PowerPoint Anime


Outlook and Windows Live Messenger Anime

Outlook and Windows Live Messenger


Google Chrome Anime

Google Chrome Anime


Safari Browser Anime

Safari Browser ANime


Java Anime

Java Anime


Adobe Illustrator Anime

Adobe Illustrator Anime


Apple iTunes Anime

Apple iTunes ANime


Eset Nod Antivirus Anime

Eset Nod Antivirus Anime


TeamSpeak Anime

TeamSpeak Anime

Microsoft Paint Anime

Microsoft Paint Anime


Image Source: http://reef1600.deviantart.com/gallery/
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Facebook Chatbot That Actually Works

facebook chatbot

Facebook has recently introduced chatbot feature in its messenger. Due to its new embedded artificial intelligence feature, it was expected as the next generation of traditional messenger. But it does not come up to the expectation of most of the users as it lacks information of the nitty gritty of various operations. User reviews show that it is much better to use the original website instead of bot. For example, it confused to tell the weather forecast as it did not know what actually rain is.

Facebook chatbot was launched during the opening of the NBA finals. It shows mixed feedback from the viewers. Despite of the fact that it was not much appreciated by the followers, but it still showed comparatively better performance as compared to other online available bots. It allows users to search players through their nicknames and can get a compilation video on request within a few seconds. But it failed to respond for further details which were not related to current NBA finals.

Facebook chatbot was launched during the opening of the NBA finals

To enhance its performance, Facebook has recently associated it with other artificial intelligence engine DeepText. It will help the bot to give more insight to the user request by considering more details in the search query and relating them to the required domain quickly.

Although many flaws already highlighted, but still there is a hope for more improvement. It definitely shows that first step towards the next generation of Facebook messenger have already been taken.

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