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WhatsApp Shamelessly Copied Snapchat-Like Features

WhatsApp Introduces Snapchat Style Features
Our lives changed when WhatsApp came into our lives. Messaging and sharing photos and videos had never been easier than this. Excitement brewed throughout the tech world when WhatsApp and Facebook decided to join hands. More technology entered our lives when the snapshot was introduced.

Now it seems that WhatsApp is all set to take over what Snapchat users generally enjoy through this app. WhatsApp has recently added a new update which has adopted all interesting features from Snapchat. The new version of WhatsApp (which is available for download in the app store) includes all the drawing and editing tools which Snapchat has to offer. Different ways of taking pictures is also a new feature added in the app’s update.

The drawing tools added into WhatsApp’s new update has a remarkable similarity to those of Snapchat. Just like in Snapchat, these drawing tools are simply brought up while taking a picture. Once a picture is taken, small icons will appear on the screen which can be used to write text or draw on the picture.

This is not all that the new update has to offer. In addition to this, pictures can also be decorated with different emojis which is done by clicking a little face.

The extent to which Facebook has copied Snapchat this time is actually quite interesting. The process of taking pictures in WhatsApp’s new update is also same as in Snapchat. In order to allow you to take better pictures of yourself in the dark, front flash is available which brightens up the screen. This provides the users with a better way of taking selfies.

Other changes in app’s camera update includes an ability to slide the screen up and down for zooming in and out and double tapping that switches the camera between the back and front.


WhatsApp is being repeatedly criticized for copying Snapchat’s features in the past. It also never fails to acknowledge openly that a particular feature introduced is in fact inspired by a feature already there in Snapchat – like the concept of stories that was introduced in Instagram. This popularity tactic allows Facebook to bring Snapchat features to the parts of the world where Snapchat has not yet launched itself.

For now, WhatsApp did not choose to acknowledge any inspiration for the updated camera features copied from Snapchat and through its blog has only expressed it as an effort of introducing new ways of sharing photos and videos with family members and friends.

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Why being young shouldn’t matter for a business start up


Ever since the concepts ‘business’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ have been added to the English language, one question has been making rounds for centuries: what is the best age for finding and running a business start up? The answers surrounding this question focus on what is considered important in the business industry. For some, it is the young enthusiasm that brings about change and innovation and for others it is the experience that is vital. While this debate is ongoing, the fact is that being young does not matter for a business start up and should not stop you from venturing into the entrepreneurship experience.

Many young entrepreneurs have been able to make their mark in the business industry. One such shining example is that of Andrea Teichmannova who started her own company with a partner at a young age of 23. Her company provides services to foreigners, including immigration, accommodation, assistance and insurance.

It is a fact that starting a business at a young age has several stereotypical advantages. Young people tend to have a fresher approach and unlimited energy. While older entrepreneurs might have the expertise brought about by years of experience in the work field, they lack the ability to look at things with a fresh approach and may be inclined to employ redundant methods. They are also usually afraid of taking risks. On the other hand, a young entrepreneur loves to take challenges heads on and is not scared of anything. This is exactly what is needed to succeed in the business field. A classic example of this is found in the founders of the popular search engine Google, who set up the concept at the age of 25.

So if you are a young lad, looking forward to starting up a business, do not be afraid because age is just a number. It is your enthusiasm combined with the risk-taking attitude that makes all the difference in the business industry.

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5 Best Accessories for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been under fire for several reasons recently. In spite of all the bad reviews, it continues to be a favorite among smart phone users. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the following accessories are a must have for you and will help you enjoy an enhanced experience of this smart phone.

Kmashi Power bank

Kmashi Power bank
Are you unable to find a vehicle charger or a wall charger for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7? There is no need to worry. With Kmashi Power Bank you can charge your phone anywhere. The best thing about this portable battery pack is its capacity to charge multiple devices. Its light weight and thin design allow you to carry it everywhere.



If you are as clumsy as I am with my smart phone, SUPCASE Rugged Holster is a must have for your Note 7. SUPCASE’s strong case will save your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from damages by protecting it through its hard shell. If you are worried it might not fit into your pocket, there is a clip on the holster that can be hung to your belt.

SanDisk 200GB MicroSD


This year Samsung bumped its Galaxy Note 7’s storage to a huge 64GB. It may be enough for most of the users, but for some more would be required. For these users, SanDisk’s 200GB MicroSD card is a blessing. It will allow you to store a large number of additional files without using up the phone’s internal memory.

Samsung Smartwatch


This smartwatch is a remarkable compliment to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The rotating bezel can be moved around to work through different aspects. The wonderful thing about this smartwatch is that it allows you to view all the required information at a glance, without having to take out the phone from your pocket. It comes with a various color options that you can match with your phone.

SUPCASE Easy Fitting Sport Running Armband


For fitness enthusiasts and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users, this seems to be a godsend. Phone security is no more an issue during your workout if you have this armband. Although it isn’t water or dust proof, it still works fairly well through your workout sweat and keeps your smart phone secure.

There are several other popular accessories that are equally beneficial for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users. For instance, replacement S-Pen is for all those people who keep on losing their things. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know which accessory worked best for you.


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10 Most Popular YouTube Channels for Kids

There are a number of YouTube channels that focus on young children as their audience. While most of these channels have education as their prime focus, some of them also aim at entertaining children in a way that enhances their creativity.

In this article we’ll be looking at the Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels for Kids with details about the kind of content they show.

Now without further ado, let’s start listing down these channels:


REACt Youtube Channel

REACT uploads videos that cover many different topics such as food, music, games and art and is run as a media franchise by Fine Brother’s entertainment.

The reason why REACT makes it as No 1 on our list is because it has a staggering subscription count of more than 6 million as well as over a billion views.

2) HooplaKidz

HooplaKidz Youtube Channel

HooplaKidz has over 2 million subscriptions and views that number in billions, making it one of the best YouTube kids’ channels.

HooplaKidz makes use of educational themes such as numbers, alphabets and rhymes and turns them into funny songs that are both engaging as well as educational.

They also make use of 3D animated characters such as the very popular ‘Hippo’ to act as a mascot that helps kids learn.

3) Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Amy Poehler Smart Girls Youtube Channel

SmartGirls is owned and run by the popular actress Amy Poehler and uploads videos that are both entertaining as well as informative.

Amy makes an effort to instill a sense of positivity in the way children see the world and their education. Some of the topics covered by SmartGirls cover areas such as self-motivation, arts and crafts as well as routine matters.

Smart Girls has over a million views and is gaining many followers currently.

4) PBS Kids

PBS Kids YouTube Channel

PBS Kids focuses on encouraging their audience to be more aware of the natural world and the living things in their environment.

Most videos uploaded by PBS Kids target pre-teens as their primary audience and cover subjects such as science and geography in a manner that the videos are both entertaining as well as educational.

5) SoulPancake

SoulPancake Youtube Channel

SoulPancake is a YouTube channel that’s pretty much for everyone. With over 1 million subscriptions and more than 200 million views in total.

The videos uploaded by SoulPancake have themes that cover everyday matters, interviews and have good comedy that both children and even some adults can enjoy. This channel is all about entertainment and making you laugh, think and cry. You will also find popular series such as ‘My Last Days’ and ‘Kid President’ on SoulPancake.

6) Kids Channel

Kids Channel Youtube Channel

As the name might suggest, most of the videos uploaded by Kids Channel focus on the pre-education period of young children.

Kids Channel is a one-stop solution for parents who’re looking for a way to acquaint their child with the concept of alphabets, numbers and colors before he/she goes to school.

Naturally, all these videos are colorful and engaging so that children have no difficulty in understanding them.

7) Geek Gurl Diaries

Geek Gurl Diaries Youtube Channel

Geek Gurl Diaries is a channel that caters to an audience that are nearing or are already in their adolescent years and is run by Carrie Anne, who herself is a college student.

Most of the videos posted by Geek Gurl Diaries focus on areas such as science, programing and electronics. Carrie herself is personally interested in these areas and she wants to encourage teens and kids with similar interests to explore them with her.

8) The Brain Scoop

The Brain Scoop YouTube Channel

The Brain Scoop is run by the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of Chicago Field Museum and has a total of over 20 million views and 300 thousand subscriptions on YouTube.

Most of their videos share a theme that focuses on the environment and cover topics such as various species of animals, various technologies and places worldwide in a way that kids can understand and appreciate.

9) Simple Kids Crafts

Simple Kids Crafts Youtube Channel

Simple Kids Crafts has over 900 five-minute long videos that encourage children to explore their creative side through engaging art and crafts activities.

Many of the videos by Simple Kids Crafts aim at raising awareness of how recycling helps keep the environment clean, in the minds of their young audience.

10) The Mother Goose Club

The Mother Goose Club

The Mother Goose Club is an educational channel for kids that helps them in getting acquainted with English and basic mathematics through pre-education videos.

These colorful and engaging videos make the use of six characters acting out a procession of simple games, nursery rhymes and songs that have educational value to their young audience. The Mother Goose Club currently has 3 million subscriptions and over 500 videos.


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Future Technologies That Will Change the World

Technology helps us make our lives easier than those led by generations before us as our current generation enjoys advancements in technology that previous generations could have hardly imagined.

Scientists are on an on-going strife to improve upon the current technology and facilitate our lives with more new inventions.

The following are Top Future Technologies That Will Change the World. While most of them are still to undergo development, these concepts, once realized could help make human lives easier exponentially.

Flying cars

Flying cars

A Personal aircraft that heralds the future of our daily commutes. In terms of design, it’ll be similar to your car. However, it will have an additional ability to be airborne. Naturally, drivers of these flying cars will be expected to pass a driving test and carry a license on them.

It will help in reducing traffic hindrances, and chances of road accidents will also decrease, but the car itself might be very expensive.

Many inventors are busy working on the concept of a flying car and several prototypes were built since the beginning of the 21st Century, however none has cleared the production stage thus far.

Screenless display


One of the most anticipated technology breakthroughs which allows you to project a display without a screen. It is expected to be much more reliable and user friendly than a touch screen.

Screenless Displays will revolutionize fields such as teaching and research. There are three sub categories of a screen less display concept; Visual, Retinal display and finally the Synaptic interface.

Screenless display is expected to be better than a touch responsive screen in both resolution, usability and the overall viewing experience.

3D Printing

3D Printing

Technology that allows you to effectively print tangible Three- dimensional (3D) objects by your computer.

As of 2013, 3D printing is now a reality and is being used in many forms including art, at people’s homes and in industry as well. However, the 3D printing we’ve achieved so far is still limited and there is a whole lot more that we can use this technology for in the near future.

It is also used in architecture and is very effective however, again, there’s a whole lot more that we can accomplish from 3D printing with some more advancements.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Technology that can really make your dreams come true through neuro stimulation. It can create sensory experiences that can bridge the gap between dreams and reality.

It can be used in the field of medicine to help reduce mental problems such as brain disorders, anxiety and depression etc.

Perhaps the most anticipated use of Virtual Reality is to be employed by the gaming industry to bring players the most vivid in game experience, however, inventors are still working on making it usable in other fields as well.

Hypersonic Trains

Hyper-Sonic Trains

Yet another future technology that aims at revolutionizing the way we move.

Hypersonic Trains are expected to run on solar power and be able to operate at speeds faster than the speed of an airplane; with an ability to cover several miles in a second. It will be the next generation of the bullet train that is both fast and friendly to the environment.

The concept is still under the development process, but if completed, the need for electricity and petrol to power trains will be reduced drastically.

Holographic Television

Holographic Television



A television that will utilize light emission to create and project a 3D hologram of instead of an image, providing the ultimate real time viewing experience.

Technologies such as Laser, MEMS, Electro holography and Full Parallax were used to allow light diffraction to create a picture bigger than its original size and in clear view.



Neurohacking is a method which will enhance the human brain and allow us to view our thoughts more closely.

Although it is expected to be beneficial in many fields, it is currently being researched with the objective of unlocking the current capacity of the human brain.

Wireless Electricity

Wireless Electricity

As the name suggests, this technology will allow us to power our electronics without having to plug in any kind of power cord. This means that there will be no mess of wires in your home any longer.

This concept will also help reduce dangerous accidents related to electricity and make managing power to different devices easier as well.



There is hope for technology that can make you completely or at least partially invisible.

The notion of invisibility somehow brings back a magical image of a certain invisibility cloak from Happy Potter. However, with the rate at which we’re advancing in technology, it may no longer be something that needs magic.

Scientists are still researching on how they could make humans invisible. We’re already seeing translucent screens being made but that’s as far as we go for now.

Autonomous Robots

Autonomous Robots
Ever since the first sci-fi movie, our scientists have been obsessed with artificial intelligence and that’s kept them going in their efforts in creating an automaton or an autonomous robot.

If we succeed in creating intelligent artificial life, then we may really have robots as our friends and peers like in all those movies.

Currently, the robots we’re creating are getting closer and closer to being lifelike but they have far to go before they can be considered as artificial lifeforms.


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10 Most Idiotic Video Games Ever Created

Video games or electronic games are developed for the motive of entertainment. There is roughly no body these days who has no interest in these games. As per gamers’ expectations and demands, video game developers work hard to build up more and more exciting games each year.

Today, with no offense to any developer or fans, we are going to go through a list of “10 Most Idiotic Video Games Every Created.”

1: Square’s Tom Sawyer (1989)

Square’s Tom Sawyer (1989)

This is a game based on Mark Twain’s “Adventures Of Tom Sawyer” novel. The game was developed and published by “Square Co. Ltd” and it was designed by Hiroyuki Ito.

The player has to control the lead role and his friends for finding a treasure. It never localized outside Japan, and criticized most because of one of its black characters had ridiculously huge lips.

2: Wayne’s World (1993)

Wayne’s World Game (1993)

The developer of this game is Radical Entertainment (Game Boy, NES). The game holds low-class design ever. The main character uses his guitar as a weapon against the monsters on the other planet. Sounds cool? Doesn’t look cool though.

3: Bible Adventures (1991)

Bible Adventures (1991)

This is a single player, Christian video game. It was developed and published by “Wisdom Tree” and “Color Dreams”. Its leading platforms include PC, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System & DOS.

All game levels have same gameplay with sloppy designs. Mostly ideas were copied and unlicensed. And unusually it never sold in video game outlets.

4: Playboy: The Mansion (2005)

Playboy The Mansion (2005)

It was developed by Cyberlore Studios and published by ARUSH Entertainment, Groove Games, Ubisoft (PAL).

This game’s goal is to build and decorate an empire for nothing. Its concept was close to “Sim 2” and had nothing else to offer other than nudity and a drama based name.

5: Razor Freestyle Scooter (2000)

Razor Freestyle Scooter (2000)

It was published by ‎Crave Entertainment and developed by Shaba Games, Crawfish Interactive. The game has a mission to fight with evils while attempting different scooters stunts. Outside of North America, it is an unlicensed game.

Game contained poor and low budget designs and horrible soundtrack which only made the game more horrific.

6: March of the Penguins (2007)

March of the Penguins game 2007

The game was developed by Skyworks Interactive, and published by Destination Software, Inc and based on a hit documentary. It’s a simple puzzle game, player help penguins, to reach their goals. 3D design and low-quality soundtracks are used.

7: McDonald’s Treasure Island Adventure (1993)

McDonald’s Treasure Island Adventure (1993)

It was introduced by Treasure Co. Ltd on McDonald concept. The player passes through an island with a treasure map and collects material for his McDonald franchise. But unfortunately because of freaky game levels and less screwed up audio it is here in idiotic games list.

8: Coca-Cola Kid (1994)

Coca-Cola Kid game

It’s a single player action and adventure based game. “Aspect Co” developed that game in 1994 and published by “Sega” in Japan. The player has to save its teacher, collect coins and drink Coca-cola for survival. It’s just another way to advertise the Coca-Cola brand with a sloppy gameplay.

9: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (1990)

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker game

It developed by Emerald Software and Keypunch Software in 1990 and published by “U.S. Gold”. Michael’s dance moves were used to rescue the children from a smuggler and his tunes used as soundtrack in the whole game.

Predominantly developer’s love for Michael Jackson was shown.

10: NSYNC: Get To The Show (2001)

NSYNC Get To The Show Stupid game

The game was developed for the promotion of a boy-band “NSYNC”. It has three difficulty levels which are not actually difficult, the player has to follow the instructions of the game like gather snacks, jump around and drive etc. According to user feedback, it’s just a childish puzzle game.

We love games and will bring most awesome game list as well, but for now these were the most idiotic games, according to our editorial staff.

If you disagree with this list, let us know in the comments section below.

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Everything you need to know about Asus ZenWatch

With the on-the-go convenience and the ease of access they offer, it’s no wonder that so many smartwatches are popping up in the market.

The Asus ZenWatch was particularly notable amongst smartwatches due to the fact that it’s in fact the first wearable device from Asus. The reasonable price tag of $200 and the attractive design of the smartwatch were enough to create quite the hype between android users and smartwatch fans everywhere.

Asus ZenWatch was particularly notable amongst said smartwatches

What is the ZenWatch?

The ZenWatch is a stylish smartwatch from Asus that allows you to interact with your smartphone and performs the basic range tasks that you’d expect of an android wear device. At a glance, the ZenWatch is elegant and stylish, featuring a 1.6 inch curved AMOLED screen, a robust yet sleek metallic builds and a graceful, interchangeable leather strap that you can get with a choice of three colours.

What is the ZenWatch

What the ZenWatch offers

Now that we’ve talked about what the ZenWatch is, let’s have a look at what it does. The ZenWatch features a range of handy features that you’d need on the go. Now without further ado, let’s quickly go over what the watch offers alongside its appealing $200 price tag.

The Display: Like all smartwatches out there, all you need to do is give it a flick and the screen lights up, giving you a glance at everything you need to know, including your phone’s notifications and of course, the time. The screen itself is reasonably bright and has a good contrast, as you’d expect from an AMOLED display. However, one thing that Asus could improve upon as far as the screen is concerned is the pixel density that it offers, as the current screen appears a bit pixilated as compared to those of competitors.

Health features: The ZenWatch also comes with a number of health functions that are pretty much a standard for smartwatches these days. The metal band around the watch doubles as a heart rate sensor that you just need to pinch between your thumb and index finger for a reading. Other than that, the pedometer present on the ZenWatch is very accurate in counting the footsteps you take throughout your day.

Everything you need to know about Asus ZenWatch

Voice commands: Smart watches are all about maximizing the accessibility you have to your Android device and the ZenWatch is no exception to that rule. The smartwatch is very responsive to voice commands, which is great news for those of us who are constantly busy and on the go. The voice input can be activated by the simple “Okay Google’’ phrase and then you can access any app that you need.

What the ZenWatch lacks

At $200, the Asus ZenWatch is definitely a good smartwatch to buy. However, there are a few things that the ZenWatch misses out on. For starters, the real estate on the watch’s face could have been better; there’s too much bezel on the side where we could’ve seen a bigger screen.

Another thing that the ZenWatch could improve upon is the way it fits around the user’s wrist. The strap itself is comfortable and secures itself shut well enough, however, a slightly more adjustable strap would have been a useful feature that could maximize the grip.

The good news is that most of these lacklustre features have been addressed in the new and improved ZenWatch 2.

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Latest Phone Tech That’s Causing All the Buzz

Latest Phone Tech That’s Causing All the Buzz

Mobile phones have phenomenally grown, advanced and evolved in recent times. The rate of advancement is such that it feels as if it was only yesterday when we stood wide-eyed; jaw-dropped and marveled at the technological wonder that was the integration of a digital camera in a cell phone. Which is to say that in a span of a decade and a half, mobile phones went from being a mere portable telecommunications device to perhaps a conclusive technological revolution.Presently these phones go neck to neck with high-end professional cameras and pack more features and functionality than one can poke a stick at. But it doesn’t stop there- Every couple of months, a new phone equipped with revolutionary technology is launched and flat out transforms the way people use their phones. So here’s our pick on what latest phone technology is causing all the buzz in the tech world.

Modular Smart Phones- From Dreams to Reality

Modular Smart Phones- From Dreams to Reality

Google paved the way for Modular Smart Phones in 2013 when it announced Project Ara- An embodiment of Google’s vision of making truly customizable smartphones.It seemed like a too-good-to-be-true epitome of smart phone modularity and got almost every tech enthusiast holding their breath until its release. The Ara concept featured a basic endoskeleton frame on which various third-party modules such as advanced Cameras, Speakers, batteries, heath & fitness tracking modules and etc. could be lodged in and secured by industry-grade electromagnets.While Project Ara is still in the labs getting some final touches before its consumer release in 2017, a lot seems to have happened in terms of smart phone modularity in the last couple of years. For instance, the recently launched LG G5 and Lenovo’s Moto Z, both of which feature a degree of modularity and allow users to clip new batteries, cameras and Hi-Fi adjusters and customize the phone further to their own requirements. So modularity is definitely catching up and where Google laid down the plans years ago, LG is the first to deliver.

Dual Lens Cameras- ‘Cause 2 is better than 1.

Dual Lens Cameras- ‘Cause 2 is better than 1.

Dual Lens Camera’s in smartphones are dubbed as the future of mobile photography. Where Huawei and LG seem to be leading the trend with their two very different dual lens, phone cameras and rumors of Apple’s iPhone 7 plus to catch up on the lead later this year- The fact of the matter is that HTC was the first to step into the foray of Dual Lens Cameras with EVO 3D in 2011. As the name suggests, the two-headed shooter on the EVO 3D used its dual lens to merely produce 3D images. Although remarkable, but back then it seemed that HTC’s technology was way ahead of its time and held no real value to photography enthusiasts. Hence it failed to create much of a stir in the world of phone photography and was gone and forgotten. However, modern manifestations of the Dual Lens such as that on Huawei P9 and LG G5, are very well received. With an advanced software, they put the two-lens to better use, and actually invest in improving image quality- The holy grail of all photography, unlike HTC’s 2011 gimmick. Co-created with Leica, Huawei P9 is equipped with a separate monochrome and a colour sensor with the two lenses which work in synchrony to capture three times the light of an ordinary camera, resulting in much better sharpness and clarity. LG G5’s on the other hand, uses its dual lens functionality to add a second 8 megapixel, wide-angle, prime lens; next to its primary 16 megapixel shooter. Hence allowing for bigger group, landscape, or architecture shots.

USB Type C- One Port to Rule Them All!

From smartphones and tablets to memory sticks, desktop-computers and laptops, USB is the standard when it comes to connectivity. And USB Type-C (henceforth mentioned as Type-C) is the latest update to the USB Standards since USB 3.1 in 2013. As opposed to common knowledge, Type-C does not only account for efficient charging, but also a means of phasing out headphone jacks and other ports on media devices. And that’s exactly what smartphone manufacturers have been looking for! Why you ask? Well, basically because the 3.5 mm headphone jack has long been seen as a major obstacle that’s keeping phones back from getting even thinner, and with the multi-functional abilities of Type-C, manufacturers can finally do away with it. What’s more is that Type-C brings another level of multi-tasking abilities of smartphones. For instance, a pair of Type-C headphones can not only play high quality music, but at the same time measure your heart rate and feed that information back to your phone.Measuring an astonishing 5.2mm in thickness, Lenovo’s Moto Z is the first do away with the headphone jack and fully embrace the USB Type-C for all that it has to offer and other manufacturers such as Apple are not too far behind.

Phone Cases That Go Beyond Protection

Phone Cases That Go Beyond Protection

Much like the mobile phone itself, smartphone cases have long evolved from rigid, gimcrack plastic frames for your phones, to an accessory which is every bit of a technological wonder as the phone in its wraps! So much so that they occupied an entire section of the giant North Hall at CES 2016 and exhibited quite a variety of revolutionary phone accessories. These smartphone cases almost add a degree of modularity to no non-modular smartphones and here are some pretty cool cases that caught our eyes:

Prynt- This case turns your smartphone into a Polaroid-style camera that not only prints photos but also turn them into augmented reality videos when viewed on the phone’s screen.

Speck Pocket VR- This case is compact, made to comply with military standards and provides real drop and shock protection for your phone. But that’s not it, what’s amazing is that the case pulls apart to form a fully functional, cardboard certified VR Viewer!

Typo 2- We all missed the convenience and functionality of physical keyboards so much, that this case brings it all back. Type 2 gives you the ability to add a physical QWERTY keyboard to your iPhone.


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Eye Tracking Feature in Smartphones

Smart phones have become a necessary element of our daily life. They are replacing every other gadget by providing access to do everything; previously done be different other devices. Apart from the advancement in technology of smart phones, more and more human interactions are increasing. Moreover taking use of voice detection to finger print detection previously, eye tracking is a new feature to control activities in your smart phones.

Eye Tracking Feature in Smartphones

Eye tracking technology is a new idea for smart phones. Previously it was used in retail research, ad placement research during website development and also in the health sector to provide help to the people suffering with paralysis. But it does work accurately in specialized settings; with the use of powerful computers and sophisticated eye tracking software which makes it a costly technology.

There is research going in this field to make eye tracking economical, precise, and accurate to be introduced in the smart phones. It first emphasise on the gaze information from different people and then training the mobile software to interpret it on the run time accurately. This is the difficult task as smart phones come in different sizes; it becomes hard to identify where a person is looking approximately. Researchers at MIT, the University of Georgia, and Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Informatics are working on the project, and they say that they have almost solved this problem. The software designed by their team so far identify the user’s eye movement with an accuracy of about a centimetre on a mobile phone and 1.7 centimetres on a tablet. But they are trying to improve this further. They are training their software with more eye movement data of smart phone users by launching an iPhone app called GazeCapture. This software captures the data of how people usually look at their phones while using their phones.

GazeCapture information is used for another software named iTracker to train further. This application is also available for iPhones. It captures the user information through front camera and takes into account the factors like the position and direction of the user’s head and eyes to determine where the user is looking exactly. Researchers believe that the more the eye movement data they will get; the precision rate for iTracker will be improved eventually.

It is a hopeful path to take mobile phones in; because we use our eyes all the time effortlessly and this fact will make it more useful than typical voice control. This precise eye tracking will change the typical navigation and gaming concept in smart phones. The next generation of eye tracking for smart phones will be the pixel-level accuracy. But this new feature will come up with high battery usage.


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5 Game-Changing Gadgets You Can’t Afford To Not Know About

5 Game-Changing Gadgets You Can’t Afford To Not Know About

The Future is here and technology is undoubtedly taking over! From self-driving cars and virtual reality gaming consoles to personal assistant robots and wearable tech- Every year a handful of thousands of new and emerging products are launched in pursuits of changing the world and the way we interact with it. But amidst the foray of technological advancements, we sometimes happen to over-look the most revolutionary of products and promising startups. So here is our list of 5 game-changing gadgets you might be missing out on.


Function meets style with Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket designed with Google ATAP’s project Jacquard technology woven in. This smart jacket takes wearable tech to the next level and is equipped with the technology in the form of conductive Jacquard yarn to remotely connect to your smartphone and transform fabric into an interactive surface that can register and respond to touch. Whereas the digital connectivity is provided through a detachable smart tag that houses all the necessary electronics. The wearer can do a bunch of things such as attend or dismiss calls, play music and get audio directions without ever needing to pull their phone out of the pocket. And the best thing is that, expect for the detachable tag, the whole interactive garment is washable and durable like regular Levi’s denim that you know and love.


Lightweight, Durable and packed with a ton of functionality- Birksun’s solar backpack is an answer to all our prayers. Equipped with a solar panel and a battery, this revolutionary backpack allows you to conveniently charge all your gadgets on-the-go without ever running out of juice as long as the sun is up. Furthermore, the backpack is water resistant and leak proof, and the smart charging circuitry communicates with all your devices to determine the right amount of power to deliver in order to deliver safe charge at the fastest possible speed. Also, Birksun’s solar backpack is available in a variety of chic colors and designs, so you never run out of style!


The year 2016 saw some major advancements in the world of wearable tech, but a product that really caught our attention is Kerv- World’s first contact less payment ring. Crafted from aerospace-grade zirconia technical ceramic, the ring does not only look gorgeous, but makes life a whole lot easier without the hassle of carrying multiple credit cards and bulky wallets. What’s revolutionary is perhaps the fact that the water-proof ring is a stand-alone device and doesn’t require pairing to a smartphone or even charging. It allows you to pay for anything anywhere around the world where contact less payment is accepted, without the need of a card, pin, signature or even a bank account. Moreover, it can even be used to tap into London’s public transport network, store contact, emergency and medical information and access NFC locks.


Dubbed as the most adaptable charging cable, Magic Cable allows you to charge all your devices using any of your devices. Although only a startup, this remarkably simple yet phenomenal product is already taking the market by storm and giving bulky power banks and conventional cables a run for their money. The magic happens on either ends of the cable, which can transform to fit any charging port. All you have to do is plug one end of the cable into a charged device and another into a device that needs charging and watch the magic as it happens!


Drones! They are all the rage in the tech world. From palm-sized indestructible carbon-fiber ones to quadcopters equipped with 4K professional video cameras, they come in all shapes and sizes, but sadly most are capable of burning a hole in your wallet. But this fun, affordable and powerful smart Nano drone by Onagofly is the next best thing that we common folks can hope to buy. The palm-sized drone is equipped with GPS technology and a high resolution 15-megapixel camera, and is capable of automatically following you as it films your journey. With a long battery life and obstacle avoiding built-in infra-red technology, it is a ton of fun for people of all ages to play with.

So now that you’ve read through this article, you know exactly what to put on your Birthday/Christmas wish list!


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