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Why ThemeForest isn’t as great as it looks?

Are you thinking of earning more bucks by selling your WordPress theme on ThemeForest? Well, it’s true that several people have done so and they are making a great deal out of it, but there are a few things you need to know. The owner of the template marketplace, Envato is the founder of ThemeForest. […]

High School Picture of Today’s Tech Geniuses

Bill Gates – Co-founder Microsoft David Filo – Co-founder and Chief Yahoo, Yahoo! Inc. Elon Musk – CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, Chairman of SolarCity Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc. Jack Dorsey – CEO of Square, Inc, Twitter Jeff Bezos – Founder, Chairman & CEO […]

Toyota Introduce Mini Robot for Lonely People

Japanese carmaker company Toyota has once again outdone itself by catering for the emotional needs of the general public. It has recently unveiled a mini robot whose purpose is to provide lonely people with companionship. This mini robot can fit into your pocket and has the ability to talk back. Named as Kirobo Mini, this […]

WhatsApp Shamelessly Copied Snapchat-Like Features

Now it seems that WhatsApp is all set to take over what Snapchat users generally enjoy through this app. WhatsApp has recently added a new update which has adopted all interesting features from Snapchat. The new version of WhatsApp (which is available for download in the app store) includes all the drawing and editing tools […]

Why being young shouldn’t matter for a business start up

Ever since the concepts ‘business’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ have been added to the English language, one question has been making rounds for centuries: what is the best age for finding and running a business start up? The answers surrounding this question focus on what is considered important in the business industry. For some, it is the […]